May 2021 Bookish Recap

June 06, 2021

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We are well on our way to a hot summer. Seriously, it's promising to be so hot here in Toronto that I made sure I got my first Pfizer shot on Thursday. I did not want to brave the heat and the eventual soreness from the shot while melting away. Although I guess I can't avoid the heat when I go for my second shot in a few weeks.

Back to book news... May wasn't my best reading month, but I did find more than a few amazing reads. I hope that we all find incredible reads for June and I wish for all of you a happy and safe summer!

The Best Book(s) of May

The Rise of Fortune and Fury by Sawyer Bennett is the final book of the Chronicles of the Veil series and it was such a fantastic ending to a must-read urban fantasy series. Doin' a Dime by Lani Lynn Vale is the story of Hunt and Wyett. They were so sweet together and gave me another reason to adore the author. The Prince's Bride: Part 2 by J.J. McAvoy was an amazingly adorable continuation of the romance of the king and his queen. The extended epilogue found in The Prince's Bride: Beginning Forever almost made me cry! Bjorn Cursed by N.J. Walters was the emotional tale of Bjorn and how he reunited with his resurrected wife. And The Rivals by Dylan Allen was the collection of stories about the Rivers and Wildes and the heroes and heroines you just have to meet!

I did read some other fine books, which include:
Blood Seeker by Lexi C. Foss
The Brave Line by Kate Stewart
Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley
Material Witness by Lisa Mondello

Book Haul

I only purchased ebooks this month, which sucked because I have a long list of paperbacks on my list and I have no idea when I'll get them.

Added to my TBR

I have a bunch of to-read lists. Goodreads, Amazon, paper, glass jar, etc. I've tried really hard not to add to any of them and although I do fail to keep this number to zero each month, I'm not doing too badly.

My Reading Stats

I only read 10 books in May. Not great but not bad either. Most of these reads came from my TBR, which is one of my goals this years, so I'm taking my read count as a win. I read 10 books and 4210 pages.

What Else?

I didn't do anything extra this month. I was planning to do a reading challenge, but decided against it because I don't want to feel confined in choosing what to read. I've also lapsed on doing any of the book tags I used to do, such as Top Ten Tuesday, and I'm hoping to get back into that in the near future.

Thanks for sticking around until the end :D I'm still looking for book recs, so if you have one you think I'll love, please let me know. I'm looking for extremely sexy Fantasy or Paranormal. And when I say sexy, I do mean descriptive to explicit scenes please. I'm grown and I don't need my sex to be watered down.

What are you looking forward to for June? I hope it's as incredible as we deserve it to be!

Talk soon,

xo, Natalie


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