April 2021 Bookish Recap

May 30, 2021

April 2021 Book Recap

I did tell you that I'm terrible at doing this right? I created this blog with the intention of keeping track of my reading, setting goals, making friends, sharing book love, etc. But doing a recap... I never remember to do one! So here's my attempt at creating one for April. I know, we're about to be in June, but all too soon I'll be posting May's recap and I didn't want to do that without acknowledging the books I read in April.

The Best Book(s) of April

A Battle of Blood and Stone by Sawyer Bennett Hissy Fit by Lani Lynn Vale
Royally Screwed by Emma Chase Rebellious by Kristy Marie

A Battle of Blood and Stone by Sawyer Bennett was the fourth book of the Chronicles of the Stone Veil. If you're into Urban Fantasy, I highly recommend this series. Hissy Fit by Lani Lynn Vale is the first book of her Southern Gentleman series and one I'm glad I went back to read. Royally Screwed by Emma Chase has been sitting on my tbr for forever and I'm so happy to have finally dived in. I can't wait to read the next book of the series. Rebellious by Kristy Marie is another book of the second generation of the Commander in Brief people. So good!

The other books I read were:
Still Beating by Jennifer Hartmann - 3 stars
Jailbait by Lani Lynn Vale - 4 stars
Vampire by Rebecca Zanetti - 4 stars
Blood to Dust by L.J. Shen - 3 stars
The Genome Project by Aaron Hodges - 4 stars
Quit Bein' Ugly by Lani Lynn Vale - 4 stars
Finding Gray by K.L. Kreig - no rating
Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins - 1 star

Book Haul



I think I'm still doing a pretty great job of reading what I have instead of buying more that I will never get too. And those paperbacks... I can't recommend that series enough. If your a PNR fan, you'll love 'em!

Added to my TBR

Vengeful Queen by Lili St. Germain (which I already own and have no intention of reading until the next book is out)
Violent Reign by Lili St. Germain
Beautiful Things Evil People Do by Kailee Reese Samuels

Not too bad. At least I didn't go crazy this month.

My Reading Stats

I read 12 books, 3006 pages this month, and 7 of those 12 books have been knocked off of my TBR. YAY ME!! So here's how I did overall this month:

What Else?

I didn't do anything extra this month. I'm still trying to find books I love and hoping that I won't fall into a slump again. I was supposed to do a reading challenge... I didn't. I wanted to read 20 books this month... I didn't. Maybe I'll do better in May.

Thanks for sticking around until the end :D I'm still looking for book recs, so if you have one you think I'll love, please let me know. I'm looking for extremely sexy Fantasy or Paranormal. And when I say sexy, I do mean descriptive to explicit scenes please. I'm grown and I don't need my sex to be watered down.

What are you looking forward to for May? I hope it's as amazing for us as we want it to be!

Talk soon,

xo, Natalie


  1. I don't do recaps and probably should. It just seems like it would take so much time to put together. Yours was fun to read, though. It looks like you had a great month. That Hissy Fit book caught my eye. I still haven't read that author yet after seeing all your high reviews for her. I need to make it a priority to try her books in the next couple of months. I hope June is just as good for you.

    1. Recaps are so hard, but I do recommend doing them. I like being able to see how I did for the month, all in one place. Thanks for actually reading it, Deanna! 💜💜


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