Making Christmas Magic by Rachel Carrington

September 21, 2020

Sometimes, Christmas magic comes in mysterious ways.

Making Christmas Magic by Rachel Carrington

Making Christmas Magic by Rachel Carrington

A standalone holiday romance novella
Release - November 2, 2020
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat - none
Format - eARC provided by the author
Length - 112 pages

Ainsley Beck is dedicated to the orphanage she runs and the twelve kids that are her responsibility. Sure, the house could use a lot of repairs, but it’s hers. That is, she believes it is until a handsome doctor arrives at her doorstep three days before Christmas to tell her that he’s just inherited the property…and it’s in foreclosure.

In spite of his intentions when he arrived in the small town of Broadway, after meeting Ainsley, Nick Riordan isn’t in any hurry to evict her. After all, it is Christmas. And his sudden change of heart has nothing to do with the immediate attraction he feels for her.

When a greedy lawyer throws a wrench into Nick’s plans and devastates Ainsley, he has to come up with a fallback plan to get Ainsley to trust him again before he loses much more than real estate.


For Ainsley Beck, social worker, resident do-gooder, and operator of the town's orphanage, things are about to get messy. While struggling to keep her kids in good spirits, their home running somewhat normally, and putting together a Christmas show to remember, she meets Nick, who just may be the answer to her problems. However, he's also the man who holds the deed to her house, which is suffering from imminent foreclosure. Can small town charm, precious orphans, and the allure of a potential future with the beautiful Ainsley persuade him to help rather than hinder?

Making Christmas Magic was a short and sweet read that read like a Hallmark holiday movie. The children were super cute, the townsfolk were nosy and delightful, and the blossoming romance between the characters all made this an entertaining read. It's got me all excited for the Yuletide season!
In her words: I've been writing for over thirty years and though I've written paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction, I've since then shifted my focus to suspense novels and young adult. My suspense novels still tend to have a little romance in them, but my young adult novels deal more with social issues and heroines facing life dilemmas.

I live in Charleston, SC, a city which was recently named the #1 city in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and I have to say, I agree. It's a fabulous place to live. Close to the beach, great restaurants, fabulous shopping, cobblestone streets, and historic homes and buildings. It's a step back into history!

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