His Girl by Aria Cole

September 20, 2020

Morgan Quinn had been haunting me since the day I walked away.

His Girl by Aria Cole

His Girl by Aria Cole

Release - June 11, 2017
Second Chance/Secret Baby/Smut
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Format - ebook purchased from Amazon
Length - 60 pages

Hawk Larson left small-town Indiana to become one of the most famous quarterbacks on the planet, throwing winning passes for the Bears and living the dream. Life looked picture-perfect from the outside, but after five years, he still can't shake the memory of the one thing he left behind...the girl who owned his heart and crushed it one fateful night.

After an injury benches Hawk for good, he returns to the town he left, confronting the past and running headfirst into an unexpected future.

Life hasn't been easy in the five years since he left, and Morgan Quinn isn't the same girl she once was, her luscious hourglass curves and stubborn streak the only reminders of everything he left behind. She still rattles him to the core and leaves him craving more, but Morgan has a secret. A secret that may change the game for good.

Warning: When Hawk finally sees his Morgan again, he isn't sure if it's love or hate he's feeling, until fireworks fly at first touch and passion overcomes reason, leaving Hawk with the realization that he must protect his girl at all costs.

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His Girl is a very short read so it gets a very short review. After a permanent injury forces Hawk to retire from the NFL, he returns home and finds out that a lot happened while he was gone.

💙 Morgan was still HIS girl
💙 Morgan had his baby
💙 Morgan was his one and only
💙 He and Morgan were FIRE together
💙 There was no real plot or character development and I DIDN'T CARE

If this is what I can come to expect from Aria Cole, I'll definitely be reading more from her in the future.

Okay, now time for my criticisms (which won't stop me from picking up another book from this author) ...

I have no problem with secret baby stories. I've actually enjoyed quite a few. However, they need to be handled a certain way. Don't make me hate the baby momma. In real life, if the guy isn't abusive in ANY way, there's no reason to not tell him about his child. But let's say that the circumstances prevented you from letting him know (like a lot of stories in this trope), when he finds out, DON'T act like he did you wrong. YOU'RE the one who did HIM wrong. He doesn't owe YOU anything. It's all about the child. And if he isn't extremely mad and suing for joint/full custody, count your blessings. 

This girl Morgan... from the jump, she gave Hawk all of her bad attitude and that was before he even knew that her child was his. Then when he finds out and states how he's going to take care of them, considering the fact that her home was rundown and neglected, she went off on him about how they've been doing just fine without him. WTF?! You chose to do that all by yourself. You took this on. Man the eff up!

Aria Cole is the pen name of a USA Today bestselling author who published her first book in 2012 and began writing contemporary romance long before that.

Her books always feature possessive alpha men and the sassy, curvy, nerdy heroines who love them, along with a healthy dose of irresistible insta-love and happily-ever-afters sweet enough to make your teeth ache.

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