King's Redemption by Grace Risata

August 27, 2020

As long as Nora keeps on fighting, stands her ground without caving in, and refuses to wallow, she'll be just fine.

King's Redemption by Grace Risata

King's Redemption by Grace Risata

A random act of kindness pays off in deliciously unexpected ways…

After Nora Clark finds a distraught young man with Down syndrome, she attempts to reunite the lost stranger with his protective older brother.

Oh, what a brother he has!

Tall, muscular, and Dangerous with a capital ‘D,’ tattoo artist Dalton King is the exact opposite of what play-it-safe Nora has ever experienced.

In the blink of an eye, Nora suddenly finds herself swept up in a whole new world full of adventurous mini-golf by day and illegal underground fights at night. Making matters just a bit more complicated? Her disapproving friends and family don’t exactly support this new carefree lifestyle.

Will Nora pump the brakes and return to her pampered existence? Or can Dalton convince her there’s so much more to life than taking the easy route?

King’s Redemption is a full length, stand alone suspenseful romantic comedy with endearing characters, all the feels, lots of steam, and enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Nora Clark has always been the 'good girl'. She followed instructions, dressed appropriately, never questioned or stood up for herself, and even tied herself to a 'good guy'. It all falls apart when her good guy turns out to be a not-so-good guy. This good girl had to cut ties, abandoning her life and escaping with whatever could fit in her car. She's sleeping in a sleeping bag and selling her designer wares on eBay, but at least she's free. Free to live the life she chooses, free to stay true to herself.

Dalton King never had it easy. He lived a hard life, straddling the poverty line, trying, failing, and determined to give the best he had to give to his family. When his brother, Toby, who has Down syndrome, gets lost, Nora enters their lives in a big way. As much as Dalton is not her type in any way, they find each other irresistible and hook up. However, Dalton doesn't do relationships and takes every opportunity to let her know that they have no future together.

But then things change. Amidst a ton of drama, and I do mean a ton, these characters grew closer and their feelings for each other grew stronger. I wasn't Nora's biggest fan because she was too judgmental for my tastes, but overall, this was an entertaining story and I liked it. This new-to-me author won me over with the broken parts of Dalton's character and the sweetness of Toby.

I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for taking the time to give my stories a chance. My goal is to take you out of your world, and all the stresses that go along with everyday life, and bring you into my world of romance and fantasy. I have a special weakness for hot alpha males and the feisty heroines who love them. Above all else, I hope you get a laugh out of my books. I aim to incorporate as much comedy into my romance as is humanly possible.

My professional biography is as follows (I’m not sure why it’s in the third person, evidently that’s the rule): Grace is happiest when reading, eating Portillos hot dogs, and patiently waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


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