Rogue by Olivia Hayle

July 24, 2020

He's bad news with a broken smile.

Rogue by Olivia Hayle
Hayden Cole was good times dressed like bad news.

Dark hair falling over eyes that had seen too much.
Full lips curving into a smile that set my body on fire.
The way he disliked everything about my sheltered world, except me.

I spent years in love with the groundkeeper’s nephew.
In the darkness, in the silence, our hearts spoke the same language.
Until he left without a word and tore mine right out of my chest.

Ten years later he’s back from the Navy.
He’s every inch the rogue I remember—broken smiles and amber eyes. And he’s determined to fix the wounds of the past

Lily Marchand was everything I knew I could never have.

The golden child of my uncle’s rich employer. She has always been so painfully out of my reach.
I’d known it, and I reached for her anyway, and it led to disaster.

Ten years might have passed, but she can still bring me to my knees with shame. As if I didn’t break my own goddamn heart by leaving her back then.
But a decade can change a lot of things.

This time I’m not giving up without a fight—not when I know she feels the same. Her parents might still hate me and her brothers might want to kill me.
But there is no way I’m letting them run me out of town again.

Some love stories are simple. But ours never was.

✔️ Forbidden love
✔️ Second-chance romance
✔️ Broody, tortured hero
✔️ Feisty, genuine heroine
✔️ Standalone

Rogue was a sweetly romantic story about second chances.

Hayden Cole was once a poor kid who suffered more than most and was taken in by his beloved uncle. I loved his uncle! Used to living paycheck to paycheck and moving around a lot, Hayden gets a taste of the sweet life when his uncle gets a job with the Marchands. Not only does he get accepted as a friend-slash-brother, he finds a love interest in the little sister, Lily. He knows they have no future, but he can't stay away. Despite his self-doubt and his thoughts of being unworthy of her, he knows that Lily is his true love. And then an accident decides his fate for him.

Lily Marchand knew nothing outside of her world of privilege. She loved Hayden and couldn't understand why he wouldn't want her. Why wouldn't he give in to what she was offering? And when he did give in, she couldn't understand why he had no hope that they'd last forever. She couldn't see beyond her own hopes and dreams. So when Hayden seems to disappear without a trace, she's left broken.

Ten years later, Hayden's back and he's not going anywhere. He knows he needs to earn everyone's forgiveness and he won't be satisfied until he owns Lily's heart once more. And although she's initially hesitant to give in, to let go of all of the pain, their reunion was inevitable. Their path back to each other was sappy in the best way.

My only issue was that I didn't feel a genuine connection to the characters. I wasn't able to become truly invested in their romance and became bored for the most part. I'm not complaining about the lack of drama because I didn't think it was necessary, but I did need something more. What that something is, I don't even know. I did enjoy the author's writing and can see myself picking up another book from her in the future. I loved how supportive, patient, and understanding the characters were with one another. I would like to see what she has in store for Lily's brothers because they did add an interesting dynamic to this story. If you're a hopeless romantic who believes in second chances, you'll enjoy this story too!

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Olivia Hayle writes contemporary romances made out of sugar, spice, and all things nice - with a pinch of heat, of course.

She’s a happily-ever-after addict who loves her cups of tea large, her men tall and her chocolate dark.

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