Declan by Erin Trejo

March 05, 2020

Declan by Erin Trejo

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-- Connected Pasts --
It all started with a dare. Haunted by a traumatic event in her past, Brooke has been surviving. Not really sure what she wants to do with her life, she helps her uncle to get his strip club back in the black. However, all work and no play make Brooke a dull girl. So when she's dared to do something out of the ordinary, she jumps on it. Go to the biker club down the road and ask for a beer? What's the worst that could happen?

Declan was born into the club, raised by the club, and lived for the club. As VP, he's respected and feared. His past wasn't pretty and his present isn't much better. He and his brothers live by certain rules and will do whatever it takes to protect what's theirs. And then along came Brooke, who fought with and challenged him, and everything that led him up to this point couldn't prepare him for the chaos she would bring.

So... I liked the hero and didn't like the heroine. Declan was honest with his intentions and stayed real from beginning to end. He was raw, unfiltered, and crazy sexy. Brooke was aggressive, abrasive and ridiculous. However, together they gave me quite the entertaining read so I'm not really complaining. I liked how the one event that traumatized each of them connected them and I only wish that it was dealt with a bit more. It felt like it got almost a casual mention and the true depth of it wasn't explored. I still plan on reading the rest of what this author has to offer because I can't get enough of her insanely twisted heroes.

-- About the Book --
Declan by Erin Trejo
Declan: I was born into this world. I am what it made me. I do things that others find disgusting. I broke many rules when I met Brooke. She showed up one night and I took advantage of that. When she kept coming back, I knew there was more to her. One fucking day changed it all. One secret from my past blew our relationship out of the water.

Brooke: Loss was all I knew. It creeps around every corner. One dare. That’s all it took. The night I met Declan, I was on the high of my life. I felt safe with him. Little did I know; his secrets were also mine. When his past is revealed, I lose it. The man he claimed to be was a man I’d known all my life.

-- About Erin Trejo --
I am a wife, mother, child chauffeur and author. I love being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end. My books do not stick to just one genre, they span many.

I write about things that are real life situations and fairy tales are not always smooth sailing. My MC books are hard and gritty and they have struggles just like you would in life.

I also have books that are not so in your face. There are several that are good love stories that are fraught with issues that the characters have to deal with. Dark books? If that's your thing, I have those as well. I like to add a little darkness with a twist.

As you will learn with me not all of my books will have an HEA but you will always have some kind of resolution. Come on, I have to throw some curve-balls into the mix or I wouldn't be me! :)

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