Call Me Daddy by Jade West

December 22, 2019

Call Me Daddy by Jade West

I want him to be my first.
I want him to be the one.
I want him to be my everything.

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I didn’t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home.
I didn’t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I’d ever seen.

His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he’ll look after me, says I don’t need to be alone anymore.

He treats me like a princess, like the fragile little girl he saved from the cold.

But I like him… I like him like that.
I’ve never liked anyone like that before…

And it’s weird, this thing we have…
It’s like I can’t decide how we’re supposed to be… what we are…
Until he says the words…

Call me Daddy.


Soooo... one of my not-so-secret secrets is that I loooove daddy kink! When it's done well, when it's thoroughly dirty and nasty and freaky and a bit uncomfortable... LOVE IT!! After reading this review by SueBee, I knew I had to give this book a try. Jade West certainly didn't disappoint! Laine was an 18-year old girl who was on the brink of understanding her first steps into womanhood. On the night of her 18th birthday, she's ditched and left stranded in the rain, but luckily she's rescued by a good samaritan. Nick is out driving and happens to come across a damsel in distress. What neither of them expected was that this one night would lead them to everything they were looking for.

Were the characters well-developed? Not particularly, but I couldn't help but like them, kink and all.
Was the plot deep, evocative, or thought-provoking? Nope. Again, I didn't care because... kink.
Will I read from this author again? Abso-freaking-lutely! She gave me everything I could ask for. This book was as advertised!

About Jade West

Jade has increasingly little to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s plenty happy with this. Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted.
Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile.
She lives in the Herefordshire countryside with a couple of hounds and a guy who’s able to cope with her inherent weirdness.
She has a red living room, decorated with far more zebra print than most people could bear, and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca-Cola.

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