November 29, 2019


I want to f**k my stepdaughter.
I know it’s wrong.
But my marriage is just a business deal and nothing more.
I don’t care if I’m a bad man.
I’m going to make her call me Daddy.

I refused to get involved with Julia Hall at first. She couldn’t pay me enough to be her pretend husband.

Then I caught sight of my future stepdaughter and the word “yes” slipped off my tongue.

I need to keep my hands off sweet Sydney. Taking her could ruin everything. Not to mention, she’s twenty years younger than me. Maybe I’m messed up, but when she parades her tight little body around the house, I can’t stop thinking about tasting every inch of it.

I know she wants me too. She gives me those f**k me eyes every day, even though we both know it’s so wrong.

I don’t care if this ruins everything; I can’t resist her anymore. I know she’s waiting for me to sneak into her room in the middle of the night. I’ll open the door, step inside, and whisper in her ear:

You belong to Daddy now.

Possessive Daddy is a dark romance with steamy scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Possessive Daddy is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. Includes bonus content!

This was my first taste of what B.B. Hamel has to offer and I was deliciously surprised. It had so many elements to make it binge-worthy and I enjoyed gobbling up every word.


Insanely hot sex?

Daddy kink?

Even some fast action scenes?

Connor was an ex-navy SEAL now-turned private security. He's used to putting his life on the line, for his country, and for those he's sworn to protect. His latest job? Marry the client to improve her image to her father so she can inherit. When he was about to say no, he caught a glimpse of his soon-to-be stepdaughter and he couldn't resist. His 'yes' gave him the perfect opportunity to secretly pursue Sydney. She was totally off-limits and the risk was high, but Connor thrives in danger. A ton of hot sexiness and daddy pleases made this a quick and dirty read!

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About B.B. Hamel
I'm a long time reader, writer, and lover of Romance! Writing is my dream and my passion, and I want to share my stories with you.

I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband and two dogs.

I write steamy stories that will make you squirm. As an Indie author, your support means everything. Thank you so much for reading!

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