October 22, 2019


Hell has come to collect…
…but Gisele Walker has no plans to pay the debt.

Hell is hot as... well... hell
There was literally so much to fangirl about when it comes to this book! I love when a new-to-me author snags me from the start. Every scene was depicted in such a way that I could easily picture it, whether it was the false calm found here on Earth or the scary things that go bump in the night in the author's version of Hell. The characters came to life with ease and I couldn't help but be intrigued by them... especially Shade. Gosh, I would have given anything to really get his perspective on things. ANYTHING!!

I had a real hard time liking Gigi. She was impossible. I happen to love strong and fearless heroines and she was definitely all of that. But she was also impulsive, reckless, rash, rude, and a huge brat. She was impudent and irrational and it drove me absolutely nuts! However, her character gave me one heck of a story so I can't really complain. Actually, yeah I can. She did many things that stuck in my craw, but the most glaring error she made was hitting a man with no provocation other than her own insane thoughts. That's a major no-no in my book. She was also quick to abandon Shade although he constantly put himself in harm's way to protect her. Harm's way that she created!!

She'd done something horrible and rash. She'd bolted and left him to the wolves, knowing he was too hurt to fend them off. She'd known and hadn't cared. What the hell kind of person was she?

See? Awful! Shade was forever at the edge of death because of her and she was always picking a fight with him over some nonsense and then not trusting him and abandoning him. WTH?! There were other things that bothered me, such as Gigi's memories and the fact that she kept ignoring them, forcing everyone into problems that could have been avoided. This girl was a mess. And yet, I couldn't get enough. I burned through the pages and now I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that we'll get Shade's voice throughout and that Gigi's experiences in this book have matured her for the future.

If you like fierce heroines, mysterious heroes, and creatures that will scare the snot out of you, read this book!

House of Ash and Brimstone by Megan StarksAs a half-demon paranormal bounty hunter, Gisele is used to flirting with death, but stealing a curio and opening a portal to Hell’s demon court is more than your average day job.

Now, she’s partnered with an infuriatingly handsome demon, Shade, who has more levels of grey than she can count.

Who can she trust to help save the city as Baltimore burns to the ground and ghouls roam the streets?

With a white-hot attraction burning between them and secrets blocking their path, Gisele must face her past and venture into the twisted heart of the demon royal court.

But with no memory of her past…

…will she be able to save their future?

About Megan Starks

Megan Starks is the award-winning author of the Gatewalkers urban fantasy series and a game writer at Obsidian Entertainment working on The Outer Worlds. A Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist, Writers Guild of America award nominee, and Pitch Wars alumna with an MFA in fiction, Megan enjoys reading and writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and fantasy novels. Whether it's dark demons, brooding vampires, howling werewolves, or feisty witches, Megan loves it all.

When she's not penning novels about magic and strong, kick-butt heroines, she enjoys playing video games and spending time with her husband and their cat, Sushi, in California.

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