September 15, 2019


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Finding true love for Valentine's Day
If you've read anything from the delightful Crimson Syn before, you know that this story will be full of romantic moments and tons of smut. She always gifts us with a swoon-worthy alpha and a sassy heroine and Phillip and Stefanie definitely fit the bill. If you haven't read from her before... you're in for a treat!

Stefanie has an adverse reaction to anything surrounding Valentine's Day. Why? I still don't know, but it's there and when she's forced to write an article about a kissing booth for Valentine's Day, she couldn't be more resistant. However, if she hadn't been at the right place at the right time, depending on how you look at it, she wouldn't have met Phillip. Determined to resist him (and failing) she came up with three wishes she figured he'd be unable to fulfill. She didn't have a clue how certain Phillip was that she would be his and how willing he would be to satisfy her every need. With plenty of sensual moments between them and an intriguing hero with a romantic heart, Stefanie found herself falling all over herself while falling for him. And who could blame her?

Book Synopsis
Love doesn’t exist in my world...
Or so I thought.
The beautiful Stefanie Heart came out of nowhere,
All sultry curves and chocolate brown eyes that keep me awake at night.
And now here I am...
Wanting desperately to keep the beauty by my side.
Three wishes...
That’s all I have in order to make her realize who she belongs to.
By the end of this naughty little game not only will she be screaming my name,
She’ll be begging to be mine.

Saying that I despise Valentine’s Day is an understatement.
So when Phillip Lovegrove appears in my life I can’t help but be hesitant.
Yet he holds a mystery about him that has me craving for more.
He’s offered me three wishes...
Three wishes, and if he wins, I’m his.
I shouldn’t be playing games like this,
But there’s no possible way I could say no to a man like Phillip Lovegrove.
I’ll play his wicked little love game,
But no one ever said I’d make it easy for him.

Three sinful wishes can lead to oh so much more...
Mature audiences only: 18+ Ladies & Gents
Explicit sexual scenes and language.

About Crimson Syn
Crimson Syn is a new erotica author. She delves into those hot and heavy stories where her characters are pushed to their sexual limits. Her wicked pen dips into every little niche, even if it’s wrong and kinky. Vanilla, BDSM, BBW and that twisted taboo is what she wants to make you crave.
Her Hellbound Lovers MC series is her first attempt at a bad boy biker series. If you're looking for sweet and innocent, you'll find it, but not in that wholesome way you're used to. No. Miss Syn delivers sex at its best, and the more innocent you are the more her alpha males will attempt to defile you.
Miss Syn is passionate about her family, her friends and her writing. Where she travels is her next setting, and her fantasies and dreams are her inspiration. She writes her alpha males tough and rough, and she expects for her female leads to be independent, bright women with lots of sexy curves.

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