LOSING BASH by Khloe Wren

September 21, 2019

LOSING BASH by Khloe Wren

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He Found His Heart in the Big Apple
Bash has had some hard knocks in his young life. His dad came back from the war with PTSD and the monster he only caught a glimpse of before was out and terrorizing his family. After his father's death, Bash steps up to take care of his mother. And then she develops early onset Alzheimer's. She has her good days, which give him hope, but they both suffer when she has her bad ones. A mission to NY with his club, the Charon MC, has him questioning his position in life. He finds a girl who calls to his heart and a club that seems to click with him. Will he stick with what's comfortable or take the leap and the detour?

Khloe Wren is a new-to-me author and if Losing Bash is anything to go by, I'm in for a treat when I read the rest of her stories. She created a character with plenty of heart, which I love when it's pitted against the grittiness of the MC world. Within a few pages, I was able to get to know and be curious about plenty of the characters that make up the Charon MC and I'm looking forward to getting to know them well. Bash is headed back to the Big Apple and I'm excited to see how his life changes in Shifting Gears, which will be written by one of my favorite authors, Janine Infante Bosco!!

Book Synopsis
Losing Bash
Life has never been easy for Jake “Bash” Alfonsi, but he’s always found a way to survive.
Even when his father gave into his PTSD demons and took his own life just days before he turned twenty-one, he got through it.
He even managed to go on and find a few slices of happiness in his life.
But this latest hand life dealt him is his hardest challenge yet.

Will Bash be able to rise once again, or will he get lost in his pain forever?

About Khloe Wren

Khloe Wren started writing her first novel in high school, until it mysteriously disappeared from the family computer (her older brother was the lead suspect but nothing was ever proved). She didn't put pen to paper again after that for a number of years but she did keep reading. Khloe has always loved all things paranormal: sexy vampires and sultry shifters have always been her favourites. So when she picked up writing again, it seemed only natural she would write paranormal romance.

Khloe grew up in the Adelaide Hills before her parents moved the family to country South Australia when she was a teen. As a young adult Khloe moved to Melbourne. After a few years she missed the fresh air and space of country living so moved back. Khloe currently lives in the Murraylands, South Australia with her incredibly patient husband and two young daughters. When she's not sitting at her laptop writing, she's spending time with family or friends, kicking butt at karate or feeding her addictions of reading, eating chocolate and drinking Coke.

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