August 15, 2019


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The Pain of a Cupcake Queen
This new-to-me author gave me a gut-wrenchingly emotional story that tried real hard to drive out one of my coveted tears. It didn't, but it was a great effort.

At 18 years old, Alana still lives at home with her overprotective parents, striving for a bit of independence and grabbing every chance for escape she can get. One night takes her to a rock concert, meeting an up and coming rock star, and eventually falling in love. Unfortunately their love doesn't last forever and with him gone, her life is in shambles. Her parents want her to get over it, her friends are trying to help her push through it, and her grief wants her to just give up. When her dead boyfriend's brother offers an ear, she grasps onto it as tightly as she can, because he gives her hope, freedom, and honesty. Where will this new friendship take her when Mikah's grief proves to be so much deeper than she imagined?

The writing? Brilliant! As hard as this story was to read, it was beautifully written. Alana got on my nerves, which only tells me that the author did a great job of depicting a young girl on the brink of adulthood. She was irrational, irreverent, ungrateful, disrespectful, entitled, spoiled, and everything was about her. Sounds accurate. I was all about Mikah. This dark and mysterious boy was the one in the most pain and it was difficult to really understand it when viewed from Alana's juvenile perspective. She didn't comprehend that while she was grieving for a man she knew for three months, Mikah was grieving for a man he'd known his whole life. Different pain, girl. Not to say her pain was irrelevant, but she couldn't grasp that what he felt could possibly be more horrible than what she did. Regardless, this was an interesting story of young love and living in and then powering through grief. It was tender and sensitive and had its own bit of unique charm.

Would I read from this author again? Most definitely. I recommend this story to anyone looking to for an emotional read.

Book Synopsis
SeveranceThey say first love doesn’t last. Alana’s ends on the night her boyfriend Dakota dies in a deadly shooting at a Portland club.

In an attempt to look for ways to deal with her grief, Alana reaches out to Dakota’s older brother Mikah, who’s struggling with moving on himself.

Both damaged beyond repair, neither Alana or Mikah know how to cope with their loss. What’s worse, they have zero idea how to handle the unexpected feelings they start developing for each other.

About N.N. Britt
N.N. Britt is a Los Angeles-based music journalist and photographer. Her photos have graced t-shirts, billboards, and CD covers. She pens thought-provoking novels about flawed people. When she's not writing or drinking coffee, she's probably reading or attending a heavy metal show.

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