DAY OF NO SHADOWS by Sonia De Leon

August 06, 2019

DAY OF NO SHADOWS by Sonia De Leon

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Let's save our culture...
Ines knows what it is to depend only on herself. After losing her father's mind to dementia during her teens, she's had to learn all about independence. Now a new adult, she's recently suffering from her father's death and is out to fulfill his last request - one final adventure for his sake. She returns to the land of the Mayans, to get in touch with her history, and maybe find herself in the process. When destiny and history meet, will it be love that sees her through?

Day of No Shadows was a time travel romance set in the beautiful Mayan culture. From pyramids to ruins to hidden cenotes, Ines and Nash grew closer - to each other and to the fate that awaited them. Although young, Ines was no stranger to domineering men which prepared her for Nash's commanding ways and for the misogyny of the past she found herself a part of. Despite developing feelings for Nash before the time jump, she played immature games and pushed buttons and was always surprised by the outcome. I got that she was hurt before, but even Nash pointed out that she colored him with the same brush as the men before him, without giving him a chance. She was a hard heroine to support and while I was empathetic, I didn't like her. I think I wouldn't have minded her childish behavior if her narrative was broken up with someone else's (Nash's) perspective.

I found this story to be dry and wordy, especially with respect to the culture and surroundings. It was very heavy with cultural history and mythology and while I found it interesting, the romance of this story took a back seat to my interest in everything else. I skimmed and skipped along in order to find something to really grab my attention. I think my lack of enthusiasm for this story had more to do with me and less to do with the story itself. Lovers of history and cultural anthropology would probably appreciate this story more.

Day of No Shadows by Sonia De Leon
A man ready to meet his destiny, and a woman running away from hers.

Fulfilling her father’s last request, Ines sets off to tour Mayan ruins. Her guide, Nash, instantly notices she bears a striking resemblance to the Mayan moon goddess, which stirs up secrets long kept hidden.

A passionate kiss turns into a fall through time, where the heavens dictate the future, and the gods demand the impossible.

When their attempt to change history turns into a fight for survival, will Ines find the courage to make her own sacrifice?

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