Select Short Stories by Keishi Ando

July 21, 2019

Disgusting Angel Smile

Alone in a small village, a young boy struggles with isolation in an ever-changing world. His only companions are a doll, and an angel and a devil, in a world of pain. (A short story of about 3400 words.)

The writing was poetic.
I was so ensnared with the story of this young boy struggling through the bullying of his entire village I wanted to reach in and punch everyone in the face.
A boy who didn't seem to do anything wrong but exist.
His parents turning a blind eye to his suffering.
A very sad tale.

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Cruel Angels Pass-by

Angels are hither and thither. However, some angels are not so sweet. In particular in the case of this man. A man who lived normally. Spending sleepless nights, indifferent to neighborhood events, but he got an event of his own by a sound. It was the beginning of all. (A short story of about 2500 words.)

This man was dealing with the aftermath of his divorce.
He was just going through the motions.
Until a sound like rustling clothes seeped into his awareness.
An angel had found him.
Maybe not all angels are sweet and virtuous.

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Tales of His Words

While young couples are often carried away by wings of romance, misunderstandings do occur, differences of opinion, culture and sometimes even reality. Imagine if your one true love was cursed. It would be a tragedy, perhaps… (A short story of about 4800 words.)

A tale of first love.
A mystical love that not even death could deny.
A haunted castle, a horrific past, and a testament to goodness.
Almost lyrical in its portrayal of love and loss.

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About the Author
The poet/author, Keishi Ando, was born at the edge of Tokyo, Japan.
For a while, he lived incoherently. Like so many others who only finished middle school, he had worked the same as them. With many undesirable things, and many difficulties to face.
In 2013, his life changed. In 2015, as a poet, he publishes “Dark Breath”, as an author, he starts publishing some stories, mainly romance and fantasy with dark tones.

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