CHARMING YOU by Kris Jayne

June 11, 2019

Can she trust the charm of an ambitious man?
Micky Llewellyn has trusted men before with disastrous results. Now, she’s focused on her career, her friends, and making sure she doesn’t let another charming man lie to her and break her heart.

Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan. He’s on track to a partnership at one of Dallas’ premier law firms, and he’s marrying a woman who has the beauty, smarts, and connections to be the perfect wife. Or he thought he was.

Fate and a dead car battery throw Micky and Nick together, forcing them to question what they want. Nick’s charm makes Micky’s heart pound with desire and her gut twist with mistrust. Micky’s fire awakens a passion in Nick that flips his world upside down. With his personal and professional lives colliding in chaos, Nick has one way to make sure he gets what he wants, but it means betraying the woman he craves.

In their struggle to balance love and ambition, Micky and Nick will have to decide what they want and at what cost before they lose the one thing that matters.

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Thirsty Hearts #1
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat - 3 out of 5
Format - ebook from somewhere?
Length - 391 pages
Publisher - Write Shout

My Thoughts

★★ 1/2

Charming You was full of skepticism and suspicion. Micky had been burned by some loser men in the past and let her hurt color everything in her future. When Nick came along like a tall, hot drink of water, she was willing to die of thirst. It was frustrating a lot of the time, but sort of understandable. Who wouldn't be scared to jump back on the horse after being bucked? Nick did have some secrets, ones that could hurt Micky's fragile little heart. However, he was mostly a great guy. Micky was a bit harder to like, only because she was in her mid-thirties and had the thoughts and behavior of someone much younger. And I did skim quite a bit of this story because of it... But overall, this was an okay read. I wish the buildup of the relationship didn't take the entire book to come to fruition, but I'm no author, so what do I know?

About the Author
Kris Jayne is a devoted writer, reader, and traveler. She spends her days blissfully sweating out the writing process in the Dallas area with her dogs, Otis the Shih Tzu, Rocco the Terrier, and Red the Foxy Mutt.

Her passion for writing is only matched by her passion for the adventures of travel. In 2008, she let a friend talk her into sleeping outside for the first time in her life when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

P.S. If you’re buying her a gift, she has a penchant for single-malt Scotch and scarves.

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