April 05, 2019

Today we have the release blitz of M.H.B.’s Invisible Masterpiece! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Invisible Masterpiece

Author: M.H.B.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Invisible Masterpiece:

My name is Sage Cross.

I’ve got it all—the man, the money, the mastered dream.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him. Jacob Storm—Manhattan’s well-known womanizer. It was worth it, though.

The darkness.

The trial.

The scandals.

The secrets.

The world came at us. Against us.

But I’ve worked too hard to lose it all. To get to where I always wanted to be.

Would our love unite us? Or would our empire crumble to the ground—two broken people who know nothing about love succumbing to its perfect poison—darkness.

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Exclusive Excerpt:


I walked up in front of him, trapping myself between his legs. “My zipper please,” I whispered into his ear.

He shook his head, pressing it against my stomach. I reached for his hair, tugging gently, leaving my hands at his nape. “What’s wrong?”

“You strong, strong woman,” he said kissing my tummy. I knew where this was going. I wasn’t ready to talk more about it, to talk about how everything made me feel. My feelings, my love for him, were overpowering all my other feelings.

Hate, anger, sadness, loneliness, disgust, shame.

All replaced by one powerful thing: love.

“Not tonight,” he said, hands on my hips as his eyes met mine.

“But I need you.” My voice was so low, I wasn’t sure he heard me.

“It’s been a rough night…”

“What’s the difference? I hope you’re not going to pity me and see me as this fragile little thing now.”

“You, fragile? Gorgeous, the world could be yours if you wanted it.”

“Well then what’s the problem? If we’re going to have sex tomorrow—why not tonight?” I crossed my arms like a petulant child.

I wanted him—needed him. We should be celebrating.

For as rough as tonight had been, all the ups and downs of the day, I wanted to celebrate my new life with him, far from my father, and with one more bastard down in his grave.

“The difference is that you can’t see the look on your face right now, Sage. Like you’ve seen a ghost, all because you went down memory lane.” He kissed my hand and got up, placing his tie properly on the corner chair. Then he walked to the bed, lifting the covers while I stood motionless, debating how to get in his pants tonight.

“Come. Dodo time,” the corner of his eyes wrinkled.

This frustrating man.

He wasn’t going to budge—I just knew.

And he was right. I was tired, beat, and utterly exhausted. Drained to the point of being able to sleep through the next century, no doubt. The heaviness of tonight’s news tugged at my heart, pressing on it, suffocating me like two defibrillators were holding my heart hostage.

But being surrounding by Jacob always managed to make everything better, to reduce the suffering, to repair the damage, tissue by tissue, piece by piece. Flesh by flesh.

He removed his white dress shirt, looking me dead in the eye. I couldn’t get a read on him. His poker face was on. Earlier tonight when I’d told him about my past, his jaw had been tight to the point I thought it might crack. That same stoic, emotionless expression covered his dazzling face now.

He looked like a god with his disheveled hair, the result of continuously tugging on it earlier. His tall, muscled frame shaped with the tip of an artist’ pen, strove for a level of unattainable beauty that most men could only dream of.

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About the Author:

M . H . B . graduated law from a Canadian University. She loves spending time with her partner and her dog. She has a passion for animals and loves the simple things in life: chocolate, music, books, sunny days, and overall wellness. When she is not writing, her mind is in another world with a book in hand.

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