Review: Snowfall by M. Never

February 25, 2019

Snowfall by M. Never
Release: February 28, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance - instalove
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive
Type: Prequel to Slashes in the Snow
Length: 51 pages
Format: eARC provided by Foreword PR

Gerard Parish has always known who he is. A biker, a father, a gambling man. But one chance encounter with a beautiful brunette at his auto body shop and everything changes. The way he thinks, the way he looks at life, and most importantly who he wants to be. As Baum Squad president, Gerard holds responsibilities he can’t turn his back on, but when he’s with Kristen, all those responsibilities seem insignifgant. She’s a woman like none other, smart, sophisticated, sexy, rich. She’s a woman he never envisioned himself with but is somehow lucky enough to have. Faced with an impossible choice, Gerard must come to terms with what he inevitably knows— he has to walk away. The question is, from whom? The club or Kristen?
My Review


Gerard is rough around the edges. He's middle aged, he's a mechanic, and he's the prez for the Baum Squad MC. He's a hot silver fox. He never knew what hit him when Kristen walked into his shop. She's sophisticated, she's stunning, and she's everything he never knew he wanted. How does he blend his two lives? The woman he loves and his brothers in arms couldn't be more different. Something's gotta give.

I love stories about older couples. I feel an affinity for them because I happen to be in that age group. Life experience is something else when you're older - kids are grown, you're more set in your ways, and you're less likely to put up with bull. Gerard and Kristen had all the makings for a grand romance and I'm sure that would be possible if this story was a bit longer. However, as a setup for the book to come, I'm still not sure how well it worked. We hardly got to know the kids, about whom Slashes in the Snow is about, so I'm still left curious. I guess that's a good thing because it only encourages me to read the next book.

About The Author
M. NEVER resides in New York City. When she's not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.
She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.
She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn't trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!


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