Review: Changing Lanes by Maren Lee

February 08, 2019

Changing Lanes by Maren Lee
Release: January 1, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance - enemies to lovers
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat: explicit & frequent
Standalone - Bounty County #2
Format: copy provided by author

Lane Bennett is the new hotshot lead public defender of Bounty County. A transplant from Chicago to Montana, Lane ran from the big city to escape a bad breakup, a far-too-stressful job, and all the anxiety issues that came along with it. But kicking ass and taking names as a small town public defender often pits her against the hottie Sheriff's Department deputies. In order to win, she has to make them look bad. Lane, "the evil harpy," as they call her, is not one of their favorites.

Sergeant Jake Hamilton is a veteran in the Bounty County Sheriff's Department. He and Lane have walked along a rocky road since the first night they met. But after an alcohol-fueled evening resulting in rocking the bed with the sexy redheaded lawyer, Jake decides he is going to woo her.

Complicating matters, however, is that Lane is about to take on the biggest case of her career. A beloved city police officer was allegedly murdered by her client, a non-violent man with a heavy criminal past. But something doesn't quite smell right and Lane begins to suspect corruption. The problem is, she needs the Sheriff's Department to help her shore up her defense. And she needs Jake to protect her from the danger in which she suddenly finds herself.

Will Jake be able to convince Lane that their connection is more than just lust? Will the conflicts of interest be too much to handle? When a surprise rocks their world, will Jake step up and prove to be the man Lane simply cannot live without?

Changing Lanes is Book 2 of the Bounty County Series. Each book is standalone and can be read on its own, but it's helpful to read the series in order to fully understand the characters.

WARNING: 18+ this book contains adult themes, explicit sex, and lots of swearing. Do not read this book if you don't enjoy these things.

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My Review


Jake and Lane kinda hated each other. More like lusted after each other and hated themselves for it. They moved in the same social circle so had to put up with each other. This made for good banter, even if it was heated. They both gave as good as they got and the sexual tension was alive!

This story was hot, no doubt. Jake was a smooth, dirty talker and could melt the panties off of anyone. He was also uber protective and quite alpha indeed. He outshined Lane quite easily and I was okay with that because her temper tantrums were a bit hard to take. There is mention of his past, only that he was a manwhore, and there was no OW drama to worry about. He met the woman he wanted to spend his life with and no one was going to get in his way. As introductions go, this one was a hot and sexy welcome. Maren Lee created a truly scrumptious hero in Jake and I found myself wanting to devour even more of him. He was dee-lish!

About The Author
Mountain woman, wine drinker, reader, writer. Former bartender, current contemporary erotic romance novel author living in the tiny mountain town of Atlanta, Idaho ("Coldlanta") with my mountain man hubby (RAWR), three dog children, and one weird-ass cat.

I started writing Ride-along pretty much because some of my cop friends dared me to do it. Never one to back down, I decided to do it and then shove it in their faces. So I did it! And during the process I realized I liked doing it! So much that I decided to keep it up! All books are on Kindle Unlimited. I am currently writing book five, Detour.

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