ARC Review: Make You Mine by Tia Louise

November 29, 2018

Make You Mine by Tia Louise
A promise written on a coaster.
A lost night in a dark room.
Grayson Cole was my brother’s best friend.
He was all of my firsts.
Then he went away...

Drew Harris was just a kid, a senior in high school, my best friend’s little sister.
They said she was too young to know her feelings.
I was too old to have them, so I left to join the military.

Four years passed.
Loss, injury, angry words I can never take back…
I’m home, but I’m not the same.
Neither is she.

Now she’s a woman with flashing blue eyes, long blonde hair, and gorgeous curves.
Still, she’s the same sweet smile, the same sassy mouth…
I could never say No to her before.

I should for her sake.
She deserves better than what I’ve become, scarred and damaged.

“They told me to stay away from you.
I went away to try… God, I tried.
Now everything has changed. I’m back, and
I’ll do whatever it takes to make you mine…

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Grayson Cole and Andrea 'Drew' Harris had loved each other since they were kids. He was her brother's best friend and she was most definitely off limits. But that didn't stop them. As a matter of fact, no one in their small town was going to keep them apart. They were destined for one another. If only Gray could get out of his own way.

I felt for Gray.  I truly did. He joined the military to make something of himself, to prove that he was good enough for Drew. Going to college and achieving honors didn't seem to be enough. So off he went to war with his best friend at his side. But the horrors they faced changed him and his pain and grief were almost insurmountable. With the help of Drew's love and patience and his own determination to find himself back to her, there was no doubt that Gray would be okay.

I've loved many a Tia Louise story. I recommend her work to every book lover I know because she writes everything from royal romance to romantic suspense. I find it very easy to become consumed wiht her words, to live out the events she describes, and to fall in love with her characters and the worlds she creates. Unfortunately, this story won't be added to my favorites list. It dragged a bit and I found it extremely difficult to pay attention. The heroine was annoying, the plot was a bit too predictable and yet all over the place, and the extra oomph I was looking for was nowhere to be found. But I won't let this deter me. I will still read anything this author puts out because as much as I didn't love this story, I did like it and so far, if this can be categorized as her worst, it ain't half bad.

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