November 12, 2018

An Agreement by Lindsay Marie Miller
Don’t miss this sexy friends to lovers romance between a lonely entrepreneur and a billionaire’s daughter that will give you all the feels…

BAILEY - Still single at twenty five. Not the future I had in mind.

If only I understood men. How they think. What they want.

So far, online dating is a bust. Until my new friend Carter agrees to help me.

He’s rugged and sexy in a brooding kind of way. Too be bad he’s got me in the friend zone.

Because the only man I want is him.

CARTER - From the moment we meet, I can’t stop thinking about her.

She’s everything any man would dream of having. But she’ll never be mine.

I’m broken and lost. I’m not good enough for her. No man is.

That’s why I’m breaking guy code and spilling all of our secrets.

So she won’t be subject to the manipulative ways of men.

Because Bailey deserves her knight in shining armor. Even if he’s not me.

AN AGREEMENT is a heartwarming standalone romance about what happens when a lonely entrepreneur meets a billionaire’s daughter. This is the third book in the Summer in New York series, which each feature a brand new couple who fall head over heels in the big apple.


Something I can always rely on this author for is a sweet, romantic tale about a man who is definite book boyfriend material. This story was very low on drama, even though Carter had to leap over mountains and swim across oceans to satisfy Bailey. She was pretty high maintenance while telling you she wasn't, but she did have a huge heart and she was pretty likeable. However, it was Carter who owned this book in my opinion. He was such a beautiful guy and I loved that even when he tried to push Bailey away, he didn't let her go far. She owned his heart and it was clear right from the start.

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