Review: TASTE OF YOU by Elena M. Reyes

October 27, 2018

One taste and I was hers...

Jet Avery wasn’t looking for love when Camille stumbles into his bar looking for work. She’s young, inexperienced, and is the physical embodiment of innocent sin. He should turn her away—demand she run—but one look into her bright blue eyes and he’s powerless.

Hiring her on the spot is his first mistake, but how long can he fight the pull? That powerful need to take her purity?

Because there’s no doubt about it, she will be his ultimate sin.

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This story was short and sweet and I think my review should be too.

Camille needs a job. She applies at a bar. The bar is owned by Jet. The moment Jet lays eyes on Camille he finds it hard to stop staring. He doesn't think he deserves happiness or her and tries to drive her away. But Camille is young and inexperienced and so she doesn't take the hint. They want each other and eventually have each other. Jet finds out some truths about Camille and acts like a jerk. They make up and ride off into the sunset. This book is completely safe. There is no drama aside from what the characters create themselves. It's a quick and easy read and perfect for readers looking for something quick and easy.

Genre: Contemporary
Trope: age gap

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