Review: CRIME & PUNISHMENT by Dani René

October 27, 2018

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She's too young.
I'm too old.
The fact that she's my daughter's best friend is more reason to stay away.
But when her call for help comes late one night, I can no longer deny that Chianti Jameson is no longer the teenager I met at thirteen.
She's all woman.
A tight curvy body, with legs for days.
Lips that are made to be wrapped around my dick.
A sassy mouth that is going to earn her pert little ass a spanking she'll remember.
Will her punishment fit the crime?
I'll make sure it does.
And I'll ensure she begs for more.

**Taboo, age gap romance**

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Who doesn't love a little taste of taboo every now and then? I know I do! While this story was so wrong in many ways, least of all the age difference between the characters, it was entertaining. Short and hot, a father is seduced by his daughter's teenage best friend. It was ridiculous and yet I'm sure this has happened more often than I think.  It's dirty and I for one didn't mind the mess.

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