Review: THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stevie J. Cole

October 18, 2018

The Boy Next Door by Stevie J. Cole
Sorority Secrets: The virgins of Beta Kappa Nu would do anything for each other. Even auction off their most valuable asset…

I’ve been in love with Emma since we were thirteen years old.

That part is real. But nothing else they say about me is true.

The way she looks at me from across the room, how she makes my old T-shirts look good, how perfect she feels when she’s in my arms. That’s what I want to picture when I think about Emma. Not a crazy auction where she gives it up to some random creep.

I can’t let it happen. I won’t let it happen.

Despite the tattoos, despite the rumors, despite my reputation as a class-A player—there’s never been anyone else. In my bed or in my heart.

It’s always been Emma.

This book is approximately 19,500 words.

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There just aren't enough books out there in which the hero is a virgin. It's such an underused trope and I'm so happy that this author took advantage of it. However... don't act like you didn't expect a but... I didn't like that despite the fact that he loved the h since they were kids, that he messed around with so many females and basically flaunted it in her face. Might as well have had sex bro. I really like friends-to-lovers romance, but maybe don't make the virgin hero who I would love to praise be an all-but-intercourse manwhore.

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