Review: 24 ROSES by Elena M. Reyes

August 04, 2018

24 Roses by Elena M. Reyes
24 roses.
24 days filled with declarations of love.
24 moments where life will mark her as mine.

I’ve loved Anahi Pratt since she moved in next door at the age of twelve. With her knobby knees and a mouthful of braces, she made my heart thump harshly inside my prepubescent chest. One look into the greenest eyes I’d ever seen, and I was hooked for life. Owned.

However, I was tongue-tied and confused and did the only thing I could: offer my friendship.

Over the years, those feelings never changed. Instead, they grew—morphed into something deep and profound. But never once did she see me as more than a friend. Never did she see the man that worshipped the ground she walked on. The man that needed to be what she wanted. Needed.

I stayed on the sidelines until that day:

A crash.

Her life on the line and my world came to a screeching halt.

Life is short and changes in the blink of an eye, a lesson I suddenly understood. There wasn’t a second to wait. No more hiding behind the guise of friendship.

She was mine, and it was time I claimed her.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I hate it when I love the author but don't love the book. It makes me so freaking sad!! 😢😢😢

Here's the thing... I loved Bryson. The author did a great job of creating a man I want to read about. He was an absolute sweetheart and had the kind of character you want to find in a friends-to-lovers hero. The kind of hero that has secretly been in love with the heroine and didn't really hide it... she was just blind to it. And holy crap was Ani blind. The only thing beautiful about this character, to me, was her name. She was very tiresome to read. Her POV practically put me to sleep and I quickly breezed through it just to get back to Bryson. I wasn't a fan of hers, for sure!

Told in past and present, I really could have done without all of the flashbacks. They added nothing to the story other than to show how much of a pum-pum Bryson was for Ani. I never like to see an 'alpha' looking unnecessarily soft, especially when the heroine acts undeserving. So all three stars go to Bryson alone. He had an amazing heart and the way he loved his woman was amazing.

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