ARC Review: SAVE ME by Tia Louise

July 25, 2018

Save Me by Tia Louise
Jessa Steele shoots to kill.
She does not fall in love.
She does not get captured.

Mason “Mace” Moscaretti can retrieve the worst of the worst.
No capo or drug lord is too clever to escape him.
When he meets Jessa embedded deep with a Colombian target, he’s determined to capture her heart and walk away from active duty.

And he does.

Six years later, Jessa and Mace are happily married, burning up the bedroom, and ready to start making babies when a job arises Jessa can’t resist. What she doesn’t know is this client won’t stop until they’re both dead.

NO Cheating; NO Cliffhanger! SAVE ME is a SAFE, white-hot, STAND-ALONE love story, featuring a fearless husband and wife team ready to lay down their weapons and start making babies. It’s short, sizzling, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the well-earned HEA.

(SAVE ME is a 23,000-word novella.)



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can I please have more of Jessa and Mace? PLEASE!! These two characters… this couple… they were absolutely amazing!! Not only were they heroes to so many people who couldn’t defend themselves, selfless in their determination to rid the world of evildoers, but their devotion to one another was an entity unto itself.

Military and CIA trained, these people were destined for each other. Meeting in the rubble of a mission, they virtually fell in love at first sight. Righting wrongs, infiltrating criminal organizations, and dodging bullets… who better to have your six than the person you love most in the world? Their innate trust in one another and their love for one another leaked from the pages of this book and I could not get enough of them.

The author did an incredible job of bringing Jessa and Mace to life. She did such a great job that I’m hoping she’ll create another story for them. These assassins got their happy ending and I’d love to see their happily ever after.

Release: July 25, 2018 | Genre: Romantic Suspense | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4 | Standalone

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