ARC Review: IGNITE PART 6 by Angel Payne

July 14, 2018

Ignite by Angel Payne
Trying to catch lightning in a bottle, they’ve messed with the wrong Bolt…
When a night of celebration goes horrifyingly awry, Reece Richards has to call upon a team of elite operatives to help him chase down the bastards who have taken his woman—and ripped out his heart.
But this ops mission is anything but one of their ordinary runs. The woman who holds Emmalina in her clutches also holds the key to a big chunk of Reece’s mysterious past—a hell he must face again in his bargain for Emma’s life. Only by latching his heart to Emma’s, and trusting in the connection of their love, will he be able to get her out of the ordeal alive—a demand that takes its toll on him in ways he hasn’t experienced.
What happens when Reece and Emma’s most frightening challenge is no longer those who are hunting them? What can a superhero do when he’s the biggest danger to the woman he loves? And what will that woman do to save them both from that hell?

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As I’ve progressed through this series, I’ve been begging for just one thing. It wasn’t more of Reece’s dirty talk, although that was appealing enough for a book of its own. And it wasn’t even more action because the author does a fantastic job of juggling the action, suspense, romance and eroticism. Nope, what I was hungry for was a change in Emma. Not the change I’ve seen so far, her lapsing into a ‘damsel who refuses to be a damsel’ role. Or her delusions of grandeur when it comes to her capabilities against forces far stronger and devious than she could ever dream to be. I was waiting for her to wake the heck up and realize her role.

I know that makes some feminists get hot under the collar. But hey, I’m a feminist too, I’m just not a radical one. I’m a realist. And if my boyfriend had super powers and was going against the people who gave him those powers, I wouldn’t be stamping my feet, throwing tantrums because he wasn’t treating me as an equal. I would realize my limitations and support him in the best ways that I could. KNOWING MY LIMITATIONS!

Okay, so Emma finally had a moment of clarity and I hope this clarity carries her through for the rest of the series. Gosh, sometimes I want her to count her blessings. Reece, the superhero hottie who could have any woman he wants, wants her. He wants to give her anything her heart desires and his whole purpose in life now includes doing whatever it takes to make her happy. Be blessed, hug yourself, and hush.

Ah Reece… you were so delicious once again. I can’t get enough of your fine self. Until I see you again, be safe hot stuff!

Release: July 31, 2018 | Genre: Erotic Superhero Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4 |Book 6 - Bolt Saga | Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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