ARC Review: DIRTY SEXY PLAYER by Laurelin Paige

July 20, 2018

Dirty Sexy Player by Laurelin Paige
Weston King knows how to play. But wild nights and owning an extensive collection of women's panties don't carry the thrill they once did, so when his business partner Donovan suggests an outrageous plan to allow them to take over their competition, Wes takes him up on the offer. The crazy idea? Marry the competitor.

Elizabeth Dyson, the bride-to-be in question, is on board with the plan. She wants access to her trust fund and can only get it once she marries. Each has something the other wants - all they have to do is pretend to like each other well enough to tie the knot.

Only trouble is, playing fiancé to Elizabeth isn't quite that simple. Wes finds her sexy and brilliant...and soon wishes their engagement wasn't fake at all. Not that he'd ever tell her that.

But a lover boy like Wes can only stand an empty bed for so long...and even the best of players has to put down his cards eventually.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story was incredible in the craziest of ways!! The characters drove me nuts, the plot was more than enjoyable, and I'm sitting here still trying to come to grips with what I just read! I need book two, Dirty Sexy Games, NOW!!

Weston King was the KING of players. He was the real love 'em and leave 'em type. He was loving life, loving building his company, and loving bachelorhood. And then his partner comes up with a radical idea - an arranged marriage to expand the company. He knows someone who needs a husband to get what she wants and it would work out to be a win-win. Except Weston has plans of his own (future kinda plans that he still wasn't sure about) and a fake marriage wasn't part of them. But anything for the company, right?

Elizabeth Dyson was a privileged princess. She didn't have a job and she had no clue how to run a business. But she was smart, she had integrity, and she wasn't leaving her legacy in the hands of someone who wasn't honorable. A marriage of convenience may not have been what she was working towards, but it was the answer to her prayers. She just has to keep reminding herself how fake this relationship with Weston is.

It was hilarious to watch these two characters fight the inevitable. Their chemistry was insane and their battle of wits was entertaining to say the least. They acted like immature brats, widening the distance between them, and ensuring that their relationship remained as 'fake' as possible. But everything they were feeling and experiencing was very real. They were on the road to something beautiful, something so genuine and so unexpected. I loved every moment of their journey!

Side note: Sabrina... honeychild... where's your self-respect? Being used as a toy or as a stand-in isn't something a smart and beautiful woman should strive for and you weren't winning any points with me. I'm really hoping my opinion of you changes in the future. I really do.

So yeah, there's OW drama and I didn't appreciate it, but I did get that it was necessary to the plot and for the development of the characters and their story. And then with that extra bit of drama at the end, I can't even imagine how the author is going to make this work. WTH?! Book two can't come out soon enough!!

Release: July 23, 2018 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4 | Book 1 - Dirty Games Duet | Publisher: - Paige Press LLC

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