ARC Review: COME FOR ME, DARLING by Alexis Anne

June 26, 2018

Come For Me, Darling by Alexis Anne
A small island in Florida, three brothers, and one summer they never forgot...

I take people’s dreams and turn them into reality. As the most famous home renovator on television, I take broken piles of bricks and beams and turn them into forever homes.

That’s why it sucks so hard to see my dream and know that I can’t make it mine.

But now London Anderson, the girl I fell in love with and who has haunted me since high school, has just inherited her grandmother’s falling-down house. And no one's better with broken dreams than me.

I swear it’s fate finally throwing us back together and I’m not going to waste this chance. I’m putting it all out there. I’ll get down and dirty, use all the tools I have, whatever it takes to convince her that our first love can be our forever love.

**Come For Me, Darling is the first book in a new steamy small town series about family, falling in love, and finding home.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Come For Me, Darling was a small-town romance that easily captured my heart. It was sweet and swoony and I couldn't help but fall for all of the characters I was introduced to. Ben and London met when they were 12 and he had moved to her key for a short time. An encounter in the library in her favorite aisle with her favorite book had these two falling in love in short order. But they were 12! Yet they both knew, along with anyone else who would see them together, that they belonged together. Ben and his family move and he tries to stay in touch with London but the inevitable distance happens and they don't speak or see each other for 20 years. However, Ben has a successful television show that centers around his love of building, so it's fairly easy to see him regularly. And London has become a highly sought-after travel writer and so also easy to look up. But they don't. Until a family tragedy brings London home and Ben just happens to be back AT THE SAME TIME! Coincidence? I think not. These two were fated.

This story had very little drama, aside from the beginnings of a stalker story that didn't end so I'm thinking we'll see this again in the next book. It was low on angst and huge on family and love. It was an easy and fast read that left me with warm fuzzies, which makes it a winner in my book. I'm really looking forward to Jack and Berlin's second chance at love ❤

Release: 06.26.2018 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 2.5 | Standalone - Calusa Key #1

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