ARC Review: ACQUAINTED by London Miller

June 16, 2018

Acquainted by London Miller
They met under summer showers ...

Vera Markovic only wanted a vacation away from New York where everyone knows her as a Russian Mafiya printsessa of the Markovic Bratva. She didn’t expect to find something worth remembering. And definitely not a man like Alfie Shelby.

They fell in love when the leaves changed colors ...

As New York City’s notorious fixer, Alfie Shelby always gets what he wants—and when he sets his eyes on Vera, he’ll do anything to keep her ... even if she’s not sure she wants to be kept.

And they nearly lost it all when the snow started to fall ...

She wants nothing to do with a gangster.
A life of crime is all he knows.
But neither can deny what they have, even when forces beyond their control try to keep them apart.

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My Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do an underworld fixer and a mafia princess have in common? Utter chaos. Alfie Shelby grew up in the school of hard knocks in London and fought his way up to the top. He’s the go-to man for any of your needs. Need an exclusive weapon? He’s your man. Want to find your lunatic father to put him down? He’s got your back. He’s everything that Vera never knew she wanted. Vera figured out the hard way that the mafia lifestyle wasn’t for her. It only gave her pain and grief. So, she struck out on her own and created a brand for herself completely independent of her family. But she couldn’t get far. And as hard as she tried to live her life separate from the perilous one she grew up in, her heart led her right back to where she always belonged. Alfie may not be part of any one family, but he was far from a ‘good guy’. However, he ended up being the best guy for her.

How could I not fall in love with Alfie? He was so smooth. London Miller did a great job of bringing this character to life. From his cockneyed accent, his cut of suit, his swagger, his calm, his control, and his cane. That cane just made him even more perfect in my eyes. My love for Alfie gave me the ability to see everyone else in this book with rose-colored glasses. At times, Vera could be frustrating, but again, my love for Alfie made it impossible to be mad at her. I especially enjoyed the chemistry between these two. From their intensely hot first course to the push-and-pull they acted out to get to their forever, they were magnifique! With all of the side characters that were introduced to me in this book, I look forward to tons of stories to better understand these people. And hopefully I’ll get to see the charmingly deceptive Alfie again. I’m sure if Lachlan gets his tale, my hope will be a reality. Speaking of Lachlan… HOLY MOLEY!! I couldn’t get enough of him. This psychotic hot mess was scary AF and I hungrily ate up every moment he was given to me. I predict that as much as I loved Alfie, I might adore Lachlan more. That would be INSANE in the best possible way.

I feel like I gave enough of this story away. If you like your stories to be hot and dangerous, with incredibly tempting anti-heroes with the hearts of the fiercest of heroes, you won’t want to miss this one!

Release: 06.15.2018 | Genre: Mafia Romance | Dual POV - 3rd person | Heat: 4 | Standalone

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