ARC Review: STUD IN THE STACKS by Pippa Grant

January 03, 2018

Stud in the Stacks by Pippa Grant
When it comes to women, I know what they want. And all day long, I give it to them. Dark, broody, and sexy? You got it. Need to laugh? I’m your guy. Desperate for something to put you in the mood? You’ve come to the right place, kitten.

Every morning when my library opens, there’s a line around the block, the ladies flocking to me in need of their next book boyfriend. I’m that dude. The one who knows his way around the romance section. And if you think that hasn’t gotten me plenty of action over the years, you’d be wrong.

But I've made a few miscalculations, and now my reputation has my job in danger. If I can’t prove to my boss that I’m more than a playboy who recommends romance in the hopes of getting some hanky panky in the stacks, I can kiss my job goodbye.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who knew that the second book I would read in this new year would be another 5-star read??? Pippa Grant, where the bloody heck have you been all my life? This book was ridonkulous fun of epic proportions!! It was sexy, romantic, funny, charming, and a good time was had by all.

The Plot

Parker Elliot attends a bachelor auction to bid with the $50,000 she bribed from her boss. Long story. Just as long as the story behind why she’s at the bachelor auction to begin with. She needs a date and not just any date. She needs a man to be her fake fiance and where better to find one than at a place where men are offering themselves for sums of money? She thought her prayers were answered when she found out that one of the bachelors would be going as Tarzan, which fit in right with her great love of all things safari.

Knox Moretti, also known as Mr. Romance, a librarian and popular romance blogger, rocks his Tarzan loincloth like no one’s business. He immediately feels a connection with the beautiful woman who bids $50,000 for his attention, but she’s immediately outbid by a stunning woman, who wins his auction with her $100,000 offer. Luckily (or not) Parker is relentless and she pursues him and awkwardly requests his help. And then that’s when all the magic happens!

The Characters

It was impossible not to adore both Knox and Parker, individually and together. Their banter, their hilarity, their warmth, their chemistry, their absolute everything. I had nothing to complain about where Knox was concerned. He was an immensely satisfying character to get to know and read about. Charismatic, family-oriented, compassionate, passionate, understanding, sexy, gorgeous, fun-loving, funny… do I really need to go on? As for Parker, I liked her for the most part. And I mean for about 90% of her personality and characteristics. The only thing that really gave me pause was her insecurities and her immaturity. She’s my age and if I didn’t know that, I wouldn’t have suspected it at all. Her indecision, awkwardness, and hangups regarding high school were a bit much. Granted, I’ve never been bullied, so rather than jumping to judgment, I chose to sympathize. I got that it sucked. Bullying is no joke and I actually used to fight bullies on behalf of the bullied growing up. It was my thing. I wish she had someone like me in her corner back in the day ;)

Knox and Parker together were incredible. I loved her misfires of auto-correct. I loved their connection. I love how they bonded over their history and how Knox showed Parker how truly remarkable she was. I do think there was more give on Knox’s part than get, but it was understandable considering Parker was like a fish out of water. Everything with Knox was new and he debunked every myth she ever believed.

“She can never, ever want another man, because she’s mine… Because I’m hers. Heart, body and soul. She’s it, I’m done.”


BUY THIS BOOK!! I guarantee you’ll laugh your ass off just as much as I did. I happened to take a chance on this author for the first time and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. All of the side characters had me in stitches and you better believe I’ll be going back to read everything!! Honestly, my 5-stars should be enough to convince you to one-click this book ASAP!!

Expected Release Date: January 5, 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone

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