Review: EDGE OF CHAOS by Molly E. Lee

December 17, 2017

Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee
Blake Caster has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with Justin for so long, she can’t tell what is normal anymore, and so she clings to the one thing that is solidly hers—her passion for extreme weather.

Three years into her Meteorology degree, Blake meets professional storm chaser, Dash Lexington, who is as gorgeous as he is daring. Instantly recognizing her passion and skills in analyzing weather data, he makes a spot for her on his tight-knit storm chasing team. Dash and Blake form a fast friendship and it forces her to realize just how toxic her relationship with Justin is. She can’t deny the lightning-worthy chemistry she has with Dash or how her heart stalls every time he gets too close to a tornado.

With each chase and the cherished moments with Dash, Blake discovers her own self-worth and gains the strength to end things with Justin for good. But he won’t go easily. As Blake tries to sever ties with one man, she fears she’ll lose the other to his dangerous obsession—and she doesn't know if she’ll be enough to save him from the impending storm that could end them all.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Edge of Chaos read like a modern-day, new adult version of Twister. You remember that movie with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt?

Those storms are no joke. Reading this story reminded me of why I love being a Canadian in Canada. No twisters!

Blake has been in an abusive relationship with her childhood friend, Justin, for so long that his vitriol is her new normal. She’s not the girl she used to be and has allowed herself to be brow-beaten, shoved aside, and disrespected. Her life lacks that special sizzle, but she can’t get out without worrying that Justin will do something drastic. She finds a new passion in meteorology, which leads her to a new group of friends and head of the gang is a storm chaser named Dash. A man she has an instant connection with. A man who has her questioning everything she’s accepted from her boyfriend. A man who not only listens, but opens her eyes to a new life. But will Blake allow herself to see?

I absolutely loved Dash. I would have given my right leg to get his perspective, but even through the lack of it, his charm, humor, and integrity shone brightly. He was such an interesting and complex character and I think that was illustrated clearly with every interaction he had with Blake.

He was so patient, kind and understanding with her. He gave her exactly what she needed, even when she didn’t know she needed it. Whether it was a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or to give advice. He was always there… waiting.

I was waiting too. Waiting for him to get the girl. Waiting for him to find his happy. Waiting… waiting… waiting...

While Blake frustrated me immensely with her ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘poor me’ and self-blame nonsense, I understood it. It made the fact that she was a victim of her abusive relationship a focus of this story. It made her unwillingness to escape, the excuses she made, and her utter blindness to what was staring her in the face that much more realistic. So while I was internally screaming at her to fight, I knew that it was a process. That the build up of all that angst had to burst sometime.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending. It was a HFN and I think these characters really deserved a HEA. However, I’ve noticed that this was just book one of a series and there is another book for these characters, so I’ll be sure to read that. If you’re a fan of angst-driven plots with tons of adventure, you’re really going to enjoy this story!

Release Date: March 28, 2016
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
POV: Heroine - 1st person
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Type: Standalone - Book #1 of the Love on the Edge series


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