ARC Review: YOU'VE GOT FAIL by Celia Aaron

December 23, 2017

You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron
A romantic comedy from Celia Aaron

I single-handedly built the hottest website for dating and relationship advice.
Got a question? Scarlet Rocket can answer it for you.
I was your modern day agony aunt with the solutions to all your pesky personal problems.
The only issue? I was actually a man named Willis Halloran, not the female Scarlet Rocket.
I thought my secret was safe.
But then a sexy con artist calling herself Scarlet Rocket began showing up at society events, pretending to be me.
I couldn’t let it go, so I tracked her down and confronted her.
It went well … except for the part where she stole my wallet.
Oh, and the part where she conned my agent into having us work together.
And after that?
Let’s just say she wound up stealing something much more valuable than my wallet or my [fake] name.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll be honest and tell you that I ‘accidentally’ read a few reviews before going into this one. Why? Well, I’m a huge fan of this author and I’ve loved everything I’ve read from her so far, especially her darker stuff. So when I saw that she had a book coming out with a lighter feel, I wanted to have some kind of advanced inkling as to what it would be about. How well it would be received, I guess. I thought I knew what to expect, but again, my assumptions are far from perfect 100% of the time. I was thrown and realized that I am now a huge fan of her light-hearted writing as well!!

I loved Willis. Loved… Loved… Loved this man!! He was freaking awesome!! He was dorky, sweet, kind, thoughtful, sexy, and the perfect sort of man for his thieving counterpart, ‘Scarlet’. Willis was the man behind the woman, in a way. He ran a successful advice blog under the pseudonym ‘Scarlet Rocket’. He had absolutely no intention of outing himself to the public. But what happens when ‘Scarlet’ starts turning up at all sorts of events and ends up in the media? Well, Willis had to confront this imposter to find out her motivation behind stealing his ‘identity’. All without letting anyone else know the truth. It was a recipe for disaster and so fun to watch unfold.

This story was not only humorous, it was downright sexy. The chemistry and connection between Willis and ‘Scarlet’ was insane and intense. Their rapport, the way they played off of each other, the steady build of their relationship, how hard ‘Scarlet’ tried to fight the inevitable, the way she tried so hard to resist the irresistible temptation that was Willis was a delight to this particular reader. I loved it all. The drama, the angst, the laughs, Jason, Elias, Hannah, everything! If you’re a fan of stories that tickle the old funny bone while being extremely steamy, you’re not gonna want to pass this one up!!

Release Date: December 26, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone

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