ARC Review: Bourbon Sins by Meghan Quinn

October 05, 2017

Bourbon Sins by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Bourbon #1
Release - October 5, 2017
Genre - Erotic Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 332 pages

On the streets of New Orleans, sins are committed every night.

My name is Jett Colby and I save tarnished souls.

In the downtown, under the glittery lights of Bourbon Street, I found her in cheap lingerie, flaunting her body for callous men and money.

From the lace of her cheap lingerie, to her garter belt, I knew she had to be saved.
She had to be mine.

Broke and destitute with no way of out, she had no choice but to come to me and into my club.

She had no other choice but to become a Jett Girl.

But see, that’s the thing about this city; you might think that under the dazzling lights and illusion of salvation, she’s the one that needed saving.

When the glitter fades and the dirt is washed away, the one worth saving just might be me.

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If you've read the original Bourbon series by Meghan Quinn, then this book will seem familiar. And for those of you who haven't... Well, you're definitely in for a treat!

This book is crazy! Goldie's internal monologues caused me to shudder in equal amounts of disgust and excitement. The labels she gave lady parts (ex. meat curtains?) were pretty gross. But her absurdity is what made her hilarious. I'm just not sure if I was laughing with her or at her.

Goldie suffered a lot. She lost her parents, her life, to Hurricane Katrina. Since then, she has basically sold everything but her soul to survive. Jett coming into her life couldn't have happened at a better time. Ya, she's still working in a sex club, but it's 'classy' (think more burlesque). At least she had a better shot at life.

Jett was a hot mess, emphasis on hot. He suffered a troubled but affluent childhood, and heart break. This has caused him to rule out relationships and love. He does have a heart and uses it to save women from a life on the streets. He provides an income, an education, and protection. All at arms length. He gives these women his body as well but never his heart. Until Goldie. She was a game changer and it was interesting to read how much he fought against her.

There are a heap of interesting side characters that I couldn't help but like and be curious about and I wonder if the future holds a book for any of them. Kace sounded crazy hot. A huge part of me wanted Goldie to choose him. I hope he gets his own HEA. Rex seemed shady, even before details were given. I never trusted him. I hope he and Jett's dad Leo get their comeuppance.

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