Review: Betrayed: Prequel to Unhinged by Natasha Knight

September 22, 2017

Betrayed by Natasha Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve was 15 years old when her parents were murdered. Her older brother, Armen, took over the responsibility of raising her and their brothers. One day her brothers disappear without a trace and the only family she has left is Armen, but he’s found a new purpose in life. He’s become the follower of an evil man named Malik The Butcher, a man the US military is on the hunt to find. Desperate to help and save her brother, Eve turns to the US for assistance. The man who steps up to the plate is Zach, who is a part of special ops and in Beirut with a task force. He hopes to keep her safe while using her to get information to help locate their target. And then everything turns to shit.

Betrayed was the perfect prequel to Unhinged. It spoke to what was to come and set the stage for Eve’s fear and concern for her brother. It gave such a clear picture of the climate of the world Eve had grown up in in Beirut. And Zach was shown as the honorable and intelligent soldier that was willing to do anything to help her. I highly recommend that readers read this before diving into Unhinged so that they can get the backstory for these characters.

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About the Book

I didn’t think I had anything left to lose when I went to him. It was the only way to save what was left of my family. I knew I was taking a chance, knew there would be consequences, but I had no choice. Not if I wanted to save my brother.

He warned me to be careful. That my brother wasn’t who I thought he was. I didn’t believe him though. Not until it was too late.

And it cost us both everything.

Betrayed is the free 7500 word prequel to the intensely emotional dark standalone romance, UNHINGED.

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