Review: No Hesitations by T.C. Matson

August 11, 2017

No Hesitations by TC Matson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Fighter Series #5
Release - August 11, 2017
Genre - Sports MMA Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 240 pages
Review of book 4, No Holds

My life is perfect.
I have it all—the woman of my fantasies and my shot at the championship.
It’s all right in front of me. In my grips. I can see it, taste it, feel it.
No chance in hell I’ll lose.
Until I fall at the mercy of another man’s hands.
I’m torn apart and forced to make difficult decisions while staring malicious hatred in the eyes.
Doors open and others close—ones I’m not ready to see go.
My course changes. My dreams begin evading me.
You think I fought hard to get where I’m at now?
You haven’t seen the depth of my perseverance yet.
This isn’t the end of me.

He has everything in his hands—his career, me, our future.
One costly mistake, a defiant decision, and everything vanishes.
As he holds my hand through the darkness, he loses it all.
I watch with anguish as he struggles to put the torn pieces back together.
It’s not as easy as he had hoped.
But his strength proves powerful. His determination unbreakable.
Together we’ll conquer.
Together we don’t accept defeat.

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In No Holds , we saw how Ryker and Whitney began and evolved into an almost symbiotic relationship. Well, the love didn’t end there. In No Hesitations, it only got stronger, deeper, and all-encompassing.

❝ She’s my weakness. I’m powerless when it comes to her. ❞

The story bordered on too sweet but it stayed just shy of being sanguine. I liked how the author introduced a bit of drama in this one. One incident in particular showcased how deeply committed and devoted Ryker was to Whitney and made me like him even more. In this book, Ryker’s journey to the professional league is shown and it’s not without its own speed bumps and hurdles. However, these two stuck together and gave new meaning to the word teamwork.

Somehow, amidst the action, fighting, crying, hot sex, and meaningful ‘I love yous’, this couple found their way to a sweet and immensely satisfying happy ending. TC Matson is a new author to me and I’ve gotta say that she kept me thoroughly entertained with Ryker and Whitney.

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