Review: Food Fight by T. Torrid & Heather Ohhh

August 10, 2017

Food Fight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Strip Mall #1
Release - August 10, 2017
Genre - RomCom Smut
Heat - 5 out of 5
Length - 159 pages

FOOD FIGHT is the first book in a new eroticomedy duology. Each book in the Strip Mall series contains two separate stories from the same universe. No cliffhangers... just a lot of laughs and some really hot sex!

BANANAS AND DONUTS: It's a food fight of epic proportions when this not-so-sweet baker gets her hands on a gorgeous grocer's goods.

BAGELS AND BRATS: A buff butcher bites off more than he can chew when he "meats" the vegan vixen next door.

*Intended for immature audiences 18+

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3.5 "Cue the insanity" stars!!

I wasn't sure what to expect from this duology. I've never read these authors before and couldn't wait to discover their writing styles. When I saw it was a RomCom with a side of smut, I couldn't sign up fast enough. And it was time well spent.

In BANANAS AND DONUTS , T. Torrid introduced me to a woman who was burning the candle at both ends and had to contend with a jerk of a manwhore neighbor at her shop. When these two stopped fighting for a second, the sparks exploded all over the produce!

With BAGELS AND BRATS , Heather Ohhh showed us that vegans love their sausage too! I'm kidding. There is so much more to the story. There's instalove, judgmental vegans, and enough sausage jokes to last a year.

This book was heavy on the fun, laughs and sex and a little light on the romance. But it worked. If I took nothing else from it, at least I found about a hundred different ways to refer to male and female genitalia.

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