Review: Just GONE by Renata W. Müller

February 19, 2017

Just Gone by Renata W Muller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
7 Years Later Series #1
Release - November 16, 2016
Genre - Second Chance Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat - 1 out of 5
Length - 448 pages

It was without doubt that Lana Bell was the cleverest, sexiest, most inspiring and seductive girl Hayden Ravensdale had ever met. The attractive law student had burst into his life, blown his mind and changed everything. He was head over heels in love with her. He could not have foreseen the disaster awaiting him just around the corner. So when all of a sudden Lana disappears without a trace, Hayden’s whole world crumbles to pieces.
Had it all been a lie? Had she only been using the young and wealthy heir to a well-known international publishing firm?
When after 7 years of despair, pain, anger, hatred, and finally, emptiness, the disillusioned businessman unexpectedly comes face to face with the love of his youth, only to see his strictly organized life turn upside down again. Their chance encounter finds them both cast into a whirlwind of attraction, uncertainty, and doubt. Can he ever trust her again? Can he once more put his broken heart into the hands of this woman without the risk of ruining himself completely? Dare he even resist?
Can either of them possibly deny the physical attraction they feel towards each other?

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Written in traditional English phrasing, JUST GONE was a departure from anything I've read lately. The classic language used and how the author clearly articulated each sequence was, at first, difficult to follow. However, once I became familiar with this style of writing, it didn't take me long to become completely enamored with this tale of second chance romance.

Seven years ago, Hayden and Lana fell in love while away at university. Their relationship was near perfect until the day that Hayden was about to propose... and Lana disappeared without a trace. Now a chance meeting, in what seemed like fate, at a charity gala has put these two erstwhile lovers back on a collision course and Hayden demands answers. Answers that could break a broken man.

The plot was intricate and interesting while the characters were enjoyable. Lana was clever, confident, likable, kind, considerate and sensible. Hayden was intelligent, brooding, emotional yet practical, and sincere. Their love affair was consuming and it was a struggle to watch such a great man succumb to the negative qualities of his personality, such as jealousy and distrust. Yet, I still admired his honesty about it and really couldn't blame him. If I were to pinpoint one thing I didn't like about the plot, it would be Lana's reticence, how long it lasted, and how quick she was to give up when the going got tough.

I'm definitely interested in reading the second book, The Trouble with Love. I need to know if these two finally get their acts together or if they'll continue to waste their precious time as "just friends".

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