Review: Red Snow by W.S. Greer

January 05, 2017

Red Snow by WS Greer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - A Loose Cannon Novel
Release: December 5, 2016
Length: 258 pages

My name is Detective Jarrod Granger, and you can say what you want about me. Call me arrogant, call me cocky, call me a man-whore, call me a renegade, call me a loose cannon. But one thing you can never say about me is that I don't get the job done.

I've dedicated my entire rocky, sex-fueled, tumultuous life to bringing down bad guys. I may not be able to keep a relationship, I may bounce from woman to woman like it’s some sort of competition, I may screw and drink like there’s no tomorrow, but if you're a criminal and on my radar, you're the one who’s screwed.

So when a woman is brutally murdered, decapitated, and put on display like a snowman in front of an elementary school, there's no other choice on who can handle it.

This kind of case requires someone willing to break the rules, someone who'll go the extra mile. It requires someone cocky, someone confident. A loose cannon. Because only someone whose life is a boiling hot mess of sex, liquor, and violence will be willing to do what it takes to hunt this killer down.

Sometimes it takes a man straddling the line between sane and crazy to catch a psycho.

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I have to say that W.S. Greer has grown remarkably as a writer. When I read Kingpin, I knew that he would become an incredible resource and blessing to the romantic suspense genre, and this book has proven me right! Now I think classifying this story as really romantic is a bit of a stretch, but this man sure banged out one hell of a suspenseful thriller!

This story was part Criminal Minds meets CSI meets "a show involving a guy who can't resist sex because he's dealing with a broken heart" LOL!! Detective Jarrod Granger was exactly as the blurb described him: cocky, arrogant and a manwhore. He was a loose cannon, hot-tempered and impatient. But he knew how to get the job done because he was damn good at it. His latest case involved a serial killer who was decapitating women and putting them on display like snowmen. Trying to find a killer yet Jarrod still found time to bang some women too. Stress relief, you know? All while he desperately pined away for Stacey, the woman who owned his heart.

There's a quote in this book that I think will stick with me for quite some time:
"You can't call a guy a big hairy tranny dick without him getting offended," - Marcus to Jarrod. Summed up Jarrod's style to a TEE!!

This book was raw, intense, exciting, graphic and somehow amazingly sexy too. If you're looking for a hearts and flowers kind of romance, you won't find that here. This was dark and suspenseful and I can't wait to read more of Jarrod!!

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller
POV: Male - 1st person
Steam Level: 4

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