Review: Hard as Steel by Laura Kaye

Hard as Steel Hard as Steel by Laura Kaye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy hot damn!! This novella was hella interesting and hella sexy. If this was just a taste of what Laura Kaye has to offer, sign me up!!

Jess and Ike have been best friends for four years. Due to some behind-the-scenes drama, we're immediately thrust into a story about Jess having to hid out from some bad guys and Ike's tasked with protecting her. It was soon obvious that these two wanted each other real bad. However, a traumatic even from Ike's past has left him hesitant to start anything with Jess. The sparks flew, clothes fell off, the sex was incredibly hot, and there was a decent yet vague plot. I'm off to add some more Laura Kaye to my tbr.

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