Review: Bedwrecker by Kim Karr

January 04, 2017

Bedwrecker by Kim Karr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Standalone - Men of Laguna #2
Release: November 2, 2016
Length: 334 pages

Every girl has had a broken heart.
Every girl knows love hurts.
Every girl has a story.

This is mine…

My name is Maggie May and I met him under a haze of purple lights. As cliché as it sounds he was tall, dark, and handsome as hell, and I had fireworks in my eyes…literally.

It was New Year’s Eve and beneath the magic of all that glitters and shines, I fell for him and his wicked ways. The way he moved, the way he touched me, the way he brought me to orgasm over and over.

You should know that I don’t believe in love. Fairytales and happily-ever-afters are never anything I’ve dreamed of…until him.

Something changed the moment our eyes met. It wasn’t insta-lust or insta-love, it was simply him and me, and the dance floor at our feet.

The problem is our story ended three days after it started.
But now he’s back.
And he says he’s sorry.

Can I believe him?
Do I want to believe him?

He calls me his bedwrecker…but what if he wrecks me?

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My Review

You know those books that make you want to laugh at them, cry with them, kick, punch and slap them, then make you want to laugh and cry with them again??? This was that book!!

Kim Karr has been on my radar for quite some time, but until now, I actually hadn't read any of her books. Bedwrecker has changed all of that. I'm definitely adding all of her books to my TBR and her Tainted Love duet will be read as soon as possible.

Okay, so I predict that it will be next to impossible for you not to fall in love with this story. Yes, it's pretty predictable. Yes, it has some hardcore insta-lust. But so what? Who cares? I had a freaking blast while reading it and that's all that matters to me.

Maggie and Keen were both well-developed, multilayered and truly awesome characters to read about. They were both a little broken and suffered through abandonment, which definitely shaped their views on relationships (more like skewed them). They were funny, intelligent, ambitious and crazy stubborn. Together they were explosive. No, seriously, their shared chemistry was off-the-charts combustible. The heat from these two during each exchange virtually leaped from the pages.

Although I loved many scenes throughout this book, I'd have to say my absolute favorite was the white horse one. For two people who didn't believe in love, that episode was very romantic. It took them awhile to get there, and they fought each other and themselves for it, but the author created an exceptionally beautiful HEA for Keen and Maggie. I hope to see more of them in Brooklyn's book ;D

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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