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Review: Dirty by Belle Aurora

Dirty Dirty by Belle Aurora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you're anything like me, as soon as you were finished reading Raw, you searched the Earth for book 2. If you were like me, when you got to the bittersweet ending of Raw and saw that the next book was nowhere in sight, you curled up into a ball and sucked on your thumb in despair like a little bish.

Okay. So I didn't really do that but I came pretty close. I've been aching and pining for this book. I can't say that for many series, but this one definitely made the top of my to-be-read list. Thank you Belle Aurora for giving us Dirty. I am soooooo fcking grateful!!

TWITCH!! OMG OMG OMG!! TWITCH!! I missed your sexy, hot, crazy, tatted, no time for the B.S. azz!!

Stephen James is definitely my idea of Twitch. Just needs a tattoed 13 on his face!!

This book was just as "raw" (if not more than) the first one. Twitch was focused on ridding the world of vermin so that he could get his life back, but the book primarily focuses on Julius. Goodness, Jay was such an amazing character. Different from Twitch, but no less brilliant in his own right. We get to see what kind of man he really is in this one, especially when he makes Alejandra his priority. His mission, eventually, was to protect her, love her, and be loved by her.

This book was intense, action-packed, filled with insane amounts of betrayal and deception, and beautiful love. I'm so excited for book 3 and hopefully it's a shorter wait time.

Was anyone super excited about the sneak peak at the end for book 3??? Seems like Twitch will be back to his old tricks LOL!! Made me even more eager to get my hands on it!!

Fave line: "Yippee-kai-yay, motherfucker." ~ Twitch

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