Review: The End of Games by Tara Brown

The End of Games The End of Games by Tara Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was intense. Evie has really gotten the hang of being an agent/spy again. She's stronger, faster, fiercer, she's using deductive reasoning, etc. This volume was action-packed, thrilling, scary, sexy and I loved it!

There was so much humour amidst the chaos.

"He sighed, making the thick nose hairs shudder. The same ones that had bothered me ten years ago, and yet were still somehow in the meeting with us today, living the dream." Evie about her boss

"The tight jeans were too much. I could see birthmarks and his religion in those jeans." Evie perving on Coop

If there was one thing I really didn't like about this book, it would be that Evie kept leading Coop on. She needed to leave him alone once and for all and stop being damn selfish. I need Coop to have a love interest outside of the group. Thanks!

Anyway, Evie and Servario were finally somewhat honest with each other:

"I think I love you most days... I love you, a lot. I always have." Sevario
"I love you, Gustavo. I have loved you all along. You scare me, but I love it." Evie

Coop and Evie were finally opening up about their feelings as well:

"If I let you in, Evie, it's going to be all the way and then neither of us is ever going to go back."

I find it amusing that Evie's husband NEVER wanted her. He seemed to want everyone else but her. But yet here are these two incredibly handsome and sexy men who are practically salivating all over her and tripping over themselves to get with her. It was nice to see her get her groove back, but not at the expense of the feelings of these men. I hope she's soon forced to make a final decision.

I think the most surprising thing to happen was discovering the secrets of Evie's mother!

So badass!! So. Freaking. Awesome!!


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