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Review: Darker Water by Lauren Stewart

Darker Water Darker Water by Lauren Stewart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I almost DNF'd this book within the first 10% but I pushed on through.

I tried. I really tried to love this book. But I didn't. I ended up doing a lot of this:


After skimming through I discovered some components of the book that I did enjoy. Such as the witty banter; a damaged hero because Carson suffered through repeated traumatic experiences; and a heroine who had all but given up on true love.

I love when a story tackles issues that effect much of society and handles it with sensitivity. I truly believe the author accomplished that and I really appreciated her note on statistics and how to get help at the end.

What I didn't like: although the FMC was beautiful, smart, artistic, ambitious, generous, caring and compassionate, something about her got on my last nerve. Okay I have my reasons.

1. She was delusional. Like her thought process and reasoning was really messed up.


She went on and on about how she's been unlucky with love and relationships for 8 years.

She's 23 years old!


Now I'm not saying that one cannot find love before the ripe old age of 23. Far from it. But to make it seem that love was a serious issue/problem/dilemma for the 8 years proceeding that age is just plain ridiculous! IMO

Okay, so I had only one real reason not to like her. But it was enough to tarnish my opinion of her going forward. I didn't hate her. I liked her for the most part. I just couldn't get over this.

Additionally, while we got plenty of background on Carson, there was virtually nothing on Laney. How was I supposed to connect with her if I were able to get beyond her unreasonableness? I didn't. However, I absolutely adored Carson (the reason for the 3 star rating and for me not DNF'ing the book). Every single thing about him was interesting and amazing, especially his broken parts.


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