Series Review // Sinful Souls MC by Amo Jones

November 13, 2023

Today's flashback is the Sinful Souls MC by Amo Jones. This series was my first read from Amo Jones (well, it was her debut) and had me falling in love with her potential. I could feel her get stronger with each and every book. This is a contemporary MC romance series with a bit of a dark vibe. It tackles sensitive issues so it's not for everyone. But if you enjoy angst and pushing boundaries a bit, you'll be entertained. Note that the following reviews were written in 2016, so take them with a grain of salt.

Have you ever read these books? Are you interested?

1. Perilous Love

What happens when you’re the daughter of the most feared assassin known to mankind?

After having to flee her family home in New Zealand at age eight, Alaina Vance knows very little about her parents. She now lives an uncomplicated life—in her final year of college—with her hardest decision being what drink to order.

That is until she meets Zane Mathews. The sexy and domineering president of Sinful Souls MC.

Her whole world as she knew it starts to flip before her very eyes. As everything that she thought she knew was really nothing at all.

Rating - ★★★

This book had tremendous potential. Based on the fact that it's this author's first piece of work, I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. So here goes...

The story was good. However, it had some glitches. Everything read very textbook. Very clinical. Emotions didn't factor here and therefore I didn't feel anything for the characters. Even during intense scenes, I just didn't feel anything. There wasn't much detail given about anything. Words were thrown around and I had to make sense of them. From one chapter to the next, it was pretty hard to follow what was going on. Time passed (or didn't pass) and there was nothing to indicate that. With regards to time, there is one matter I can use as a frame of reference.
There were many times that I was confused about things that were going on because things were written in a confusing way.

I like details. The more information I'm given, the greater the chance of me connecting with the characters. We meet Zane's mom and find out his dad passed. How??? Alaina mentions she needs to focus on finals that are coming up, but school isn't done for another 2 months.
It was crazy how much information was given and not given.

I get that this book was short, that the author was new, but even the "sex scenes" were lackluster. Insert A into Tab B. Lick Section C.

I wanted more. I can see that this author has the potential for more. I'm willing to read book 2 simply because I have a feeling that the writing can only get better with time. I could see the strength in this writer's efforts and I would like an opportunity to see it shine through her future work.

2. Intricate Love

Vicky Abrahams has a tendency to get herself into tricky situations. But after a crazy spring break with one of her best friends, she has a bigger situation she needs to deal with—Blake Rendon.

Blake is part of the Sinful Souls MC. He has never been interested in anything serious with any woman, until Vicky. This interest results in him taking time to figure out his feelings for her.

Is it too late once he does?

Has Vicky already moved on?

Tired of all the secrets that almost broke her, she has every reason to be upset. But under it all, there’s no one quite like Blake fucking Rendon.

Rating - ★★★

I was right. I knew that this author's writing could only get better with time. With practice. This story was much more cohesive than the first.

To be honest, I didn't much like Blake or Vicky. The threesome scenes really threw me off and made me doubt the seriousness of their affection for one another. I think they were great side characters, but not strong enough to hold their own story, which was proven with this book. It just wasn't strong. It had parts that were interesting, but not enough to warrant their own plot.

I still found the issue of time relativity in this installment. I'm not sure how this problem could have been fixed because I'm no expert, but it wasn't a huge problem. I really liked that we got to see more of the other characters, such as Alaina, Zane and Ade. And this book did a really good job of going over the events of the first book without making it redundant. It provided a fresh and alternate perspective to what had happened.

I can only expect that book three is going to be even better. The writing definitely keeps improving with each book.

3. Tainted Love

Kalie-Rose is that girl.
She's that girl who calmed the storm within Ade Nixon.
She attained the unattainable.
She silenced his demons with her innocence.

Ade Nixon is the Vice President of Sinful Souls MC. His Hulk-sized body covered in tattoos and piercings - along with his don't give a fuck attitude - screams, "I'll suffocate you in your sleep". And he would.

Kalie-Rose is a popular dancer living in Hollywood Hills, she dances for some of Hollywood's elite. After giving Ade her viginty on a silver platter two years ago, a wedding brings them back together. Even if only for a short amount of time.

Rating - ★★★

This was definitely the best book out of the series. The writing, the character development, the details and descriptions, the scene portrayal, the feels... much better.

However, I didn't like the main characters. Crazy right?! Crazy, but true. Kalie was my least favourite of all the female leads and that's saying something. She was lacking something for me that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I constantly felt like she was putting on an act, whether to appear innocent or provocative, depending on the situation. So I don't think I got a good picture of who her character really was.

I liked things about Aidan/Ade. I liked his ruthlessness. He was just as coldblooded as Zane and Blake, which I enjoyed the heck out of. His alpha ways were cool too. But he lacked dimension. There was so much potential for this character and it fell flat to me.

The suspense was on point. The scenes with Alaina and Kalie were full of feels. So the technique definitely improved in this book. I would be interested in reading future work from this author because I can absolutely see it getting better with time.

Review // Seduced by the Mafia by Aaron L. Speer

November 12, 2023

Seduced by the Mafia by Aaron L. Speer

What you must ask yourself is this: what is your plan now?
Will you go on, living as you have, knowing these psychos will target anyone?
Your friends? Your lovers?
Or will you become who you were born to be?
You can have the power to protect them.
It's yours by birthright.
This family needs a leader.
It needs the son of Carmine Silva.
It needs you.

Seduced by the Mafia by Aaron L. Speer

Seduced by the Mafia by Aaron L. Speer

Rating - ★★★★
Release - November 14, 2023
Genre and Trope - Romantic Suspense / mafia
POV - Multiple 3rd person
Heat - several explicit scenes
Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 274 pages

When Leonardo Silva came into Angel West's life, she assumed he was a fallen star sent directly from heaven. He was gorgeous, attentive and yet something gave her pause, when she wasn't weak at the knees from their passionate nights together. A burden that weighed on him heavily. The family business that he wanted no part in. He wanted her, or so he said. His touch and gaze could burn through to her core, and just when she found herself at his mercy, he disappears without a word.

Later, what returns to her isn't the same man. The destiny that he refused, has taken hold. Leonardo was now a Mafia Don. A man who would take a match to anything that got in his way and Angel learns his disappearance was not all it appeared to be. As much as he has changed, there is one thing that hasn't; the unshakable desire to make her his.

But the forces that caused him to take up the mantle as head of the Silva Crime Family do not rest. The fight for New Haven has only just begun, as has the battle within Leonardo for his very soul. Angel holds the key to the latter and she must choose whether to fight alongside him, or be scattered among the ashes of his enemies.

Seduced by the Mafia by Aaron L. Speer

My Two Cents

All of his life, Leonardo was groomed to rule. He was heir apparent to a mafia fiefdom and yet, all he wanted was to live a normal life. To be happy, find love, have children, and create a new legacy. However, destiny has a way of finding you and Leonardo learns the hard way that the very life that he ran from may be the only thing that can protect the ones he loves.

I loved Leonardo. He was kind and thoughtful, cold and lethal, a man of many contradictions. Every time he handled a situation, I got all tingly. The fact that he was created as quite the generous lover sure didn't hurt.

I liked the idea of New Haven being kind of an urban utopia. As Angel said, "This is New Haven, nothing bad ever happens here." Until it did.

Seduced by the Mafia is full of action, suspense and mystery. I was kept guessing at who the 'bad guy' truly was and I enjoyed the not knowing. Seems like Aaron L. Speer can really write anything.

Previous book in the series:

The Author

Welcome to the Speerverse. Aaron L Speer has been publishing since 2014 and has won 4 Book of the Year Awards* and the Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival held in Transylvania**.

The Undeadly Secrets (Paranormal Romance) spans six books so far, with the latest Peace Keeper: Part Two released in 2021. Heart Breaker is scheduled for some time in 2023.

Fans of MMA romance welcomed the hard hitting Championship Collection; Undisputed, Unbroken and Unbroken 2 into the world.

2022 will see the release of his first MC offerings as part of the Rebel Souls shared world; Rebel Sacrifice and Rebel Savage

2023 will not only see the release of Heart Breaker but also his first Mafia Romance: Owned By The Mafia

Find out more here:

What to Read Weekend (Nov.10)

November 10, 2023

Happy Friday!

Today I'm sharing a week's worth of what I want to read, what I want to buy (or borrow), and what may end up on my TBR.

Hopefully you find something to enjoy here too!

New Releases of the Week


Upcoming Releases for November

Nov. 11    ~    The Bone Collector by Onley James
Nov. 12    ~    The Rules of Dating My One-Night Stand
by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland
Nov. 14    ~    Metatron by Eve Langlais
Nov. 14    ~    The Stand-In by Kristen Proby
Nov. 14    ~    Just One Tease by Carly Phillips
Nov. 14    ~    Clause and Effect by Piper Rayne
Nov. 16    ~    A Real Good Bad Thing by Lauren Blakely
Nov. 16    ~    Heat of the Moment by Georgia Le Carre
Nov. 17    ~    King of Death by Lily Mayne
Nov. 17    ~    Until Hanna by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Nov. 20    ~    Make-Believe Match by Melanie Harlow
Nov. 21    ~    Clown Motel by Lani Lynn Vale
Nov. 28    ~    He's Not My Type by Meghan Quinn
Nov. 28    ~    Born to be Badger by Shelly Laurenston

Other Books I'm keeping my eyes on

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