Review // Always Been You by Q.B. Tyler

March 14, 2022

Always Been You by Q.B. Tyler

It's a weird thing when you're in love with someone in your family. Fights or disagreements with them feel personal in two ways that somehow have to co-exist within you. I'm his sister and the person he may be closest to in life. He's my best friend and I never wanted to be on weird terms with him. But I'm also in love with him which makes things difficult in their own way.

────── ♔ ──────

Always Been You by Q.B. Tyler

Always Been You by Q.B. Tyler

Release - March 3, 2022
Genre - Taboo Contemporary Romance / interracial
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 5 out of 5 / frequent and spicy
Format/Source - ebook borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Length - 256 pages
Publisher - Indie

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Wrong. Sinful. Taboo.

I know I shouldn't want him.

I know I shouldn't touch myself in the middle of the night as thoughts of him run through my mind.

Thoughts of his kiss, his touch, his love.

I'd spent years obsessing over the man I thought I couldn't have.

But as it turns out, he wants me too.

And he wants me now.

My Two Cents

3.5 "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right" stars

I'll be honest... taboo reads haven't really been on my radar lately. I can't even remember when the last time my eyes even came across one. However, when I read this review from Sonya, I couldn't pass it up. She made it sound so good and I'm happy to say that I agree. At least for the most part.

So this isn't your typical 'he's my stepbrother and we're now involved. There's some fallout and a happy ending' kind of read. This is about adopted siblings. Gabi was adopted when she was two. She was a part of the family in every single way.

But what's a girl to do when she falls in love with her older brother?

Knowing they can't be together doesn't keep her heart from aching for him. It doesn't stop her body's longing for him.

So what happens when she finds out he feels the same way?

"Gabrielle." He turns around and I can see the anguish in his features. Does he... feel the same things I feel? "In another life..." he leans down, "I'd make you so happy, and it just kills me sometimes that it can't be this life."

I liked a lot of what this story offered. The writing was definitely on point. The chemistry between the characters was beyond sizzling. The drama was actually kept to a minimum, if you can believe it. I even liked the dynamic explored by Gabi and James in their new relationship. I found it more realistic that they were being realistic about how strange their circumstances were. They knew it was messed up, they knew that many people would be grossed out, but their love wouldn't allow any of that to matter.

"I don't see this ending with James. I wouldn't have crossed this line if I was ever planning to uncross it."

"You say that, but you don't know what life has in store for you. You're eighteen, Gab. You don't have your life figured out yet."

"Maybe not, but I do have who I want to spend it with figured out."

I do wish this story encompassed more than just the sexual chemistry between the characters. I know, I can't believe I even typed that, but it's true. There were some flashbacks that missed the mark on showing me the depth of their relationship. It was more tell than show and I would have loved to see the before better. Overall, a very solid read and I can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a bit more than a splash of taboo in their romance.

About the Author

Write. Wine. Work. Repeat.

A look inside the mind of a not so ex-party girl's escape from her crazy life. Hailing from the nation's capital, q.B. Tyler, spends her days constructing her "Happily ever afters" with a twist, featuring sassy heroines and the heroes that worship them. But most importantly the love story that develops despite inconvenient circumstances.

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Review // Buried Destiny by Anne Malcom

March 10, 2022

Buried Destiny by Anne Malcom

“Just know, wolf, I love you. More than this world. I would let it all burn, let every soul on this hunk of rock die if there was a way I could have you and still remain somewhat sane. This sounds trite, but it’s the only way.” - Sophie

────── ♔ ──────

Buried Destiny by Anne Malcom

Buried Destiny by Anne Malcom

The Vein Chronicles #4
Release - February 29, 2020
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 2 out of 5 / talked about but no 'on screen' scenes
Format/Source - borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Length - 300 pages
Publisher - Indie

For everyone, even immortals, there is nothing after death. No takebacks, no comebacks. It's a full stop. The end of a story. The end of everything.
For Sophie, it's little more than a comma. A prelude. A footnote in her true destiny.
She was fated to die.
Many times.
To know what lay beneath in the underworld. To bring the darkness back with her.
It has been patient, that power that brought her back.
But now, it's ready.
She is ready, for her true beginning.
For the end of everyone standing in her way.
Starting with a wolf she once loved.
A vampire she once treasured.
Destiny will wait for her no longer.

My Two Cents

5 "I don't even know how" stars

How can I absolutely detest the characters and yet love them at the same time?! Isla and Sophie are over-the-top ridiculous. They take the idea of 'independent women' to another level and I got sick real quick of how repetitive they were with it about 3 books ago. And yet... I can't get enough of these women!

I would still have loved to have heard from Thorne. This man... he puts up with so much... he's amazing and deserves more time to shine.

And then there's Connall. This male... this poor broken male... this male who wouldn't lose hope or faith or love for the woman who kept trying to kill him... this male who believed that he could fight and win against destiny... he was incredible and I love him so freaking much!

Even Conall wasn’t strong enough to save her from herself. From the things that weren’t her at all.

So Sophie came back from the dead. After digging her way out of her coffin, she came back not quite Sophie. She brought back company and the darkness that filled her was determined to destroy and kill everyone and everything. Why? Only Sophie really knows.

“If I die one more time, I will come back as nothing like I was before,” she whispered, too cowardly to look the wolf in the eye. “I am certain of it. Even if we win, even if the best comes to pass, my death will be final. It must be final. You must make a vow.”
“I cannot,” he said without hesitation.
“I will not be myself. I will be the dark parts of me. The dark parts of them.” She shuddered, as even now they spoke to her. His grip was blissfully tight around her arms.
“You will be my moon. Even if you are a dark moon. Even if you are more murder and madness, you will still be my witch. Even if I’m forced to fight against you for the rest of my existence, I will do so rather than bury you in a grave once more. That is the only vow I’ll give you.” Sophie’s eyes watered and she chastised herself for such weakness. For such cliché womanness, turning into a puddle with words from a man. Granted, their love was anything but cliché, and a werewolf promising to fight a dark witch for eternity rather than lose her wasn’t something that they put on a Hallmark card, but still. Even if she had come from the darkest side of the dark side, she still had a reputation to uphold. Conall cupped her cheek. “You can ask a lot of me, my moon. But not that. You will never ask me to breathe in a world you are not in. Even if you must torment me, torment this world. I will take an eternity of your torment rather than your absence.”

She killed Scott. You know, the guy who didn't hurt anyone, the guy who risked it all to care for them, that guy. She killed him. And his death, his undeserved and pointless death... not even a footnote. No justice. And I'm sorry, but nothing Sophie did redeemed her. Hello?! She was willing and wanting to kill Nyx, daughter of Isla and Thorne. How does anyone forgive that?

Okay, so Isla was still a heartless cow. Having a child didn't really change her, although she obviously had a deep and abiding love for her husband and daughter. But to expect her to make a complete 180 isn't realistic and I appreciated that the author didn't do that.

All my caring was taken up with my husband and child. I was pretty tapped out. Emotions, for me, were finite. I was done having to get upset when someone I cared about died, so I was rationing my feelings.

Connall was a male who didn't know how to give up, determined to save his mate, even if it cost him his life. And don't forget, before Sophie died, they were fighting over his omission about being the rightful king of werewolves.

“I had no plans of taking the crown back,” he continued. “Even after I met you and recognized you as my mate. I didn’t feel worthy of the crown. Of you. And that’s why I didn’t tell you. I was ashamed of what a coward I had been. I know that witches do not mate as we do. Your loyalty, your love, it is not infinite. It is conditional. And I did not want to lose it, so I lied. Because I would rather live a lie with you than ever have to face the truth without you.”

Then there's Sophie, who was cowardly and brave and couldn't decide or figure out who she was or could be. She was afraid of what was in her, but willing to embrace it if it saved her from having to choose or decide or make a stand. I hated her weakness that she covered up with sass. Why couldn't these women just be real?

“You’re wrong,” she whispered. “Witches may not have the same weird blood as werewolves, I may not grow fur and howl at the moon, but I do have a mate. My loyalty to you is infinite and it will not change, even if everything else does.” She said this as a promise, as an oath, even as she was haunted with a future that would prove her wrong.

So yeah, as strongly as I felt, as amazing as this story shaped up to be, I give this all the stars. Anything that has me loving and hating and screaming and laughing has to be worth it!

Check out these other reviews from the series:

Book One - Fatal Harmony
Book Two - Deathless
Book 2.5 - Faults in Fate
Book Three - Eternity's Awakening

About the Author

Anne Malcom has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother responsible for her book addiction. It started with magical journeys into the world of Hogwarts and Middle Earth, then as she grew up her reading tastes grew with her. Her obsession with books and romance novels in particular gave Anne the opportunity to find another passion, writing. Finding writing about alpha males and happily ever afters more fun than reading about them, Anne is not about to stop any time soon.

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Review // Home Tears by Tijan

Home Tears by Tijan

"You're not responsible for me."
"Yes. I am."
He softened his tone. "Let me be responsible. Let one person care for you."
"I didn't tell you that stuff to make you feel like this."
He shrugged. "You tell that person something, trust them, and they have your back. You do it back. Friendship. It's part of the package."

────── ♔ ──────

Home Tears by Tijan

Home Tears by Tijan

Release - December 1, 2016
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Heroine POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 2 out of 5 / very tame, nearly fade to black
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 309 pages

Dani's survived a lot of sh*t storms.
Her mother died. Her two sisters loathed her. One aunt hated her. The other was strangely distant, but the worst storm--being dumped by her childhood best friend/high school boyfriend/first love for her younger sister.
There went the one person who was hers and with that, the main reason she stuck around. So, she left for ten years. But now she's back, and nothing's the same.
With help from Jonah Bannon, a reformed--kind of--bad boy she remembers from high school, Dani uncovers family secrets that have spanned generations. And along with those, she's about to face the biggest sh*t storm of her life.
Only this time, she may not survive.

My Two Cents

3 "That's a lot of angst for nothing" stars

I can't deny that Tijan writes beautifully because the words... beautiful. I'm in love with the way this author writes.

I can't deny that this story had potential. Girl leaves home after being rejected by her long-time bestfriend/boyfriend for her sister... yeah, that sounds like an interesting read. Don't even get me started on how he's now with another one of her sisters. Messed. Up.

"You screwed me for years, screwed Erica after that, and now you got Julia. You don't want to play, you should date outside the O'Hara pool."

Throw in the mystery of her family history, the drama of her coming back home, old hurts resurfacing, and new and old loves colliding... sounds yummy.

But I wasn't wowed. Somehow, despite all of these scrumptious ingredients, the recipe missed the mark with me.

I didn't much like Dani, I probably would have liked Jonah more if I got his side of the story, Jake was very gross (see him dating all three sisters!), and Julia was terrible. I think the only person in this story who really deserved a break was Dani's fiance for a day. Seriously, even that relationship was messed up.

"I didn't know you were a Quandry until you showed up in my cabin the other night."

Soooo... you were with this man, living with this man, became engaged to this man, and you didn't know his last name? How????

Everything felt vague to me. The intended mystery of the O'Hara family was no mystery. It sounded like a messed up family and the secrets weren't that deep. Honestly, it was all pretty lame and I was left disappointed after every reveal. However, I can say that the ridiculousness of this story kept me entertained. The sisters... immature. The cop/ex-best friend/ex-boyfriend... absurd. Everyone else (but the fiance for the day guy whose name I've already forgotten)... like blurry images in the background.

It's sad because there was such beauty in the writing.


“Why’d you push me earlier?”
“It’s not important.”
But it was. She felt it in her chest. It was so important, and she needed him to say it again. She was salivating for the chance. She wanted to reassure him, and this time she felt it in her heart. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere. She wanted him to see it in her eyes, that she meant every single word.
She whispered now, “Ask me. Ask me again.”
His eyes met hers, narrowing slightly. He was looking into her, reading her.
She was letting him. There was no wall, no hesitation this time. She wanted him to know her, not just her body. All of her. A second passed. He was still searching in her. Another second. More. He waited a full thirty before asking, his voice so soft and tender, “What would you do if you found out another person cared about you? If you mattered to one more person?”
“Nothing.” She was trying to convey her feelings through her eyes. She wanted him to know so badly. “I wouldn’t run. I wouldn’t walk. I wouldn’t hide. I’d do nothing except stand and embrace it.”
His eyes darkened, an emotion passed in them, one that had her heart beating so fast again. “Yeah?” He let go of her hand, but touched the side of her face. He held her in the palm of his hand, and his thumb rubbed over her cheek. It was like he was smoothing away any lingering worries she might have. “What if I was that person?”
She leaned toward him, her eyes going from his lips back to his gaze. Both were pulling her in, making her yearn for more. “Then I’d say, I feel the same.” Her breath held in her throat. They were talking in code, but it was out now. She was telling him how she felt, and a second later, his lips were on hers.
This. She turned, wound her arms around his neck. This was everything.

About the Author

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing after college and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Fallen Crest series, Ryan's Bed, Enemies and others.

She is currently writing many new books and series with an English Cocker she adores.

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Review // Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

March 08, 2022

Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

Have you ever met someone that was sunshine in human form?
Yeah, that's not me.

- Shine to Iris

────── ♔ ──────

Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

Standalone - Battle Crows MC #2
Release - March 8, 2022
Genre - Contemporary Romance with biker elements
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 4 out of 5
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 269 pages
Publisher - Indie

Flaws—he has them.
Laws? He breaks them.
Dues? He’s paid them.
Scars? He bares them proudly.
Lessons? He’s learned them.
Problems? He has one.
Her name is Iris, and she’s the one thing in his life that he can’t control.

My Two Cents

4 "Why does this keep happening?" stars

I honestly don't even know where to start here. My heart is hurt! This author, one of my absolute favorites, seems to enjoy playing with my emotions lately. People are dropping like freaking flies all over the place here. Why oh why do people keep dying???

Shine was fine and Iris was sweet. They just clicked and although their connection was instantaneous, it really worked for them. Well, it definitely worked for me. I love when characters simply mesh without things being all messy. The drama involved wasn't created by them and yet it added another dimension to their relationship. I really liked these two characters so much!

Shine was awesome! I'm very intrigued by the Crow family and so far Haggard and Shine have raised the bar.

This story had so many moving parts and I was really looking forward to watching them all come together. However, many of them didn't. I'm left with putting things together with my imagination and let me tell you... I am not that creative. Aside from the dangling bits or the parts that were only partially explained, I enjoyed myself. I was entertained. I only wish there was a bit more because I needed to truly understand what the heck was going on.

About the characters:

Main Characters - Shine Crow & Iris
Children - baby boy Crow
Shine's family - Derringer Crow (father)
Reedy (mother)
Trinket (brother)
Rook (brother)
Bram (brother)
Haggard (brother) - featured in Always Someone's Monster
Channel (sister) - featured in Chalk Dirty to Me
Iris's family - mom & stepdad
Anderson (brother)
Abby (sister)

Check out the other books from this series:

Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

About the Author

Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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February 2022 Bookish Recap

March 05, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to another recap of whatever the heck I'm reading (and otherwise).

I've got to admit, I'm suffering through a major reading slump. It's put me in such a funk that I've been neglectful in reaching out and supporting fellow bloggers and readers. I've been avoiding the internet, social media, Goodreads, etc. I thought it would help, but it hasn't. So you'll be seeing me all over your stuff shortly.

I'm feeling so blah about reading and I'm hoping that if I pick up something by one of my favorite authors, perhaps something from their backlist, my funk will disappear. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes. Share a quick, positive thought into the atmosphere for me, will you?

Here's what my February looked like:

Total Books Read: 6

Total Pages Read: 1912

DNFs: 0

From my TBR: 3

Avg. Rating: 4.17

All the Books

My favorite book of the month was:

The other books I found worthwhile (and would recommend) were:
Anna and the Alien by Honey Phillips
You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti
Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden
Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Book Haul

Nothing. See what I'm saying? Worst. Slump. Ever!

Added to my tbr

Nothing. Again. The. Worst!

Again, please think positive thoughts for me. PLEASE!!

What are you looking forward to next month? I hope you find only the best reads!

Talk soon,

xo, Natalie

Review // God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

March 01, 2022

God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

He's too perfect.
There wasn't a fake, overly done thing about him.
One hundred percent man.
One hundred percent ripped.
One hundred percent naturally gorgeous.

────── ♔ ──────

God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Standalone - Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #3
Release - November 24, 2016
Genre - Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Primarily Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 3 out of 5 / tons of lol moments, but only one real scene
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 232 pages
Publisher - Indie


Reckless and wild, the God of Wine has been partying for over ten thousand years. And New Year's Eve, when humans around the world succumb to his naturally occurring spike in powers, is his biggest night. Only this year, things are a bit different.

A plague is sweeping the immortal community, and he's turning downright evil. All those New Year's bashes will turn into bloodbaths if he doesn't stop the transformation. Sadly, the only known cure is finding a mate. Not so easy for a rude, beer-bellied mess who's definitely not husband material.

But can a little gym time and help from the pros at Immortal Matchmakers, Inc., turn him into a divine sex machine? Absolutely!

So watch out, ladies! The God of Wine is lookin' for love. And he has absolutely no clue what he's doing.

My Two Cents

4 "I can't tell if I prefer beer belly or perfect abs Acan" stars

I was both drawn and repelled by this story. I love a redeemable hero, a hero who truly finds himself, and Acan (The God of Wine) was definitely that. Even if it took him roughly 70 thousand years to find himself. Then again, it was fitting for how ridiculous and hilarious this series has turned out to be. So why not? And honestly, his journey of self-actualization was entertaining, funny as heck, and oddly endearing.

I never expected the transformation of Belch. He became so freaking HOTTTT!! Seriously, this male made me pause in appreciation. Absolutely lovely!

As for Margarita... I don't have anything really positive to say. She irked me, she annoyed me, she frustrated me, she bothered me. Why couldn't this magnificent male find an equally magnificent female? Because Margie wasn't it.

I'm still a fan of these books. I'm still going to read these books. And I really think you need to get your hands on these books too!


About the Author

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.

Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.

She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

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Review // Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

February 23, 2022

Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I had to confront this darkness living inside my head. I'd wasted too much of my life feeling afraid. - Charlotte

────── ♔ ──────

Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Standalone - Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #2
Release - May 24, 2016
Genre - Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Primarily Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 3 out of 5/ not much sex, but tons of sexual content
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 202 pages
Publisher - Indie


Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life—nice suits, nice car, nice house. Okay, his past isn’t so nice, but that’s in the past. Or at least it was until he blacked out after meeting the woman of his dreams.

Annnd possibly capturing her.

Annnd possibly terrorizing her before she got away.

Annnd discovering that he’s turning into a horrible creature he loathes with all his heart.

Luckily, there’s a cure. Unluckily, it will require him to track this woman down and convince her to give him a second chance. But if he finds her, will she ever believe that he’s really not a monster?

My Two Cents

4 "Annd the hilarity continues" stars

I'm not even sure if I like Cimil, the goddess of the Underworld and all things ridiculous, but mannn... she's definitely entertaining!

Okay, so in this book, Tommaso believes that he's turning (everyone good seems to be turning bad. It's a thing). The only person who can save him is his mate. A mate he doesn't have. When he attends an immortal singles mixer, he catches a beautiful woman fleeing the scene. What is that in the air? Why is he so drawn to her?

After meeting and being rejected by Andrus (who is Tommaso's best friend btw), and then being confronted by the weirdness of people 'believing' they are otherworldly beings, Charlotte runs for her life. And she's good at that. Living in fear of monsters and trying to lay low, she doesn't make time for people. When Tommaso won't take no for an answer, what's a girl to do? Can she confront her demons? Can he?

I enjoyed the way the author told a tale of two broken people that was made light by a ton of hilarity. Charlotte was scared of monsters and going mad like her mother. Tommaso, after losing everyone he'd ever loved, believed he had so much to make up for. And yet, he did everything he could to make Charlotte whole and feel complete.

How could I not love and adore this man?

The heroine was a hard pill to swallow, but Tommaso made this story for me. He was incredible and I wanted more.



Lying in bed, I sifted through the darkness with my tired eyes, in search of the strange noise coming from…

Holy crap! It’s above me!

The dark figure came into focus, and I let out a yelp that should’ve been a terror-filled scream. What in the name of fuck is that? I thought, feeling my entire body turn ice cold with fear.

In the yellow light of my alarm clock, I saw the monster’s face hovering over mine, its eyes pits of glowing crimson swirling with black.

Oh shit. Oh shit. What is that? I opened my mouth to finally deliver that scream, but the beast quickly slapped its sickly hand over my lips to muffle the noise.

Oh, God. Help me. He smelled like death and evil. He smelled like desolation and despair—everything bad in this world mixed together.

Knowing I was about to die, I felt my eyes begin to tear.

“Please,” I mumbled through the gaps in its sticky fingers, the unmistakable smell of dried blood filling my nostrils. “Please don’t kill me.”

Slowly, it dipped its head, allowing me to see its face up close.

Christ. He’s human. Or something humanlike, resembling a man covered in black soot and the stench of death.

“Please, I’m begging you—just let me go,” I whimpered.

The man slid his hand from my mouth, studying me. Then there was a flash of something I didn’t expect in their depths: fear.

“Save. Me,” he mumbled in a deep gargle. “Please…save…me…”

What the…? I was the one who needed saving!

“I think it’s the oth-other way around,” I stuttered and then reached for the reading lamp to my side and swung. He stopped it inches from his face, and an icy rage replaced any semblance of kinder, gentler emotions.

He roared and then grabbed me by the hair, dragging me from my bed.

“Let go!” I yelled, and he did. He tossed me to the floor as if I were completely weightless.

Oh, God. He was so strong.

I yelled for help, but no one was coming. I lived alone out in the middle of the desert.

Looking pleased by my fear, he reached into the waistband of whatever he wore as clothing and drew a buck knife or machete or something one might use to murder an innocent twenty-six-year-old golf instructor who lived ten miles outside of Palm Springs, liked to binge on crunchy food, and owned two Jeeps, a cat that hated her, and four rescue chickens. Yeah. It was that kind of knife. A really, really big fucking knife.

“Oh, God. Please no. Please…I’m sorry,” I cried. “Whatever I did, I’m sorry!” Of course, I wasn’t sorry. I was simply terrified and wanted to live. Unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor.

I watched in terror as the blade barreled down toward my face.

Read more of an excerpt here:

About the Author

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.

Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.

She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

Visit for more information

Review // Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

February 18, 2022

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

She had to admit, there was something about the man that was different. Almost like he was from another world, shamelessly defying all the rules. She, for example, found his attitude repugnant and chauvinistic, yet he'd still managed to get her to gawk. And that body? Sinfully sexy in a way that spoke to some hidden quiet female animal inside her.

────── ♔ ──────

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Standalone - Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #1
Release - August 21, 2015
Genre - Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Primarily Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - I'm not sure how to rate this. Lots of sex talk, but no sex until the end. A descriptive 3 out of 5
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 307 pages
Publisher - Indie

Seven days to go from lethal immortal assassin to Prince Charming? Not likely.

Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?

The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.

But are seven days really enough? And why does the idea of seeing Sadie everyday excite him more than meeting his mate?

My Two Cents

4 "Utterly ridiculous" stars

If you're looking for a good time, this book is definitely the way to go.

A lethal immortal assassin, Andrus realizes he's become obsolete. After being fired from being the manny-slash-bodyguard of the females he loves, he's left a bit lost. Until opportunity/destiny/fate steps in to sort him out. Enter Cimil and her ridiculousness and a ton of laughs are sure to follow.

Normally, I'd read a book that had a bunch of elements that rub me the wrong way and I have nothing kind to say, but somehow, that's not the case this time. I should be widely irritated. These characters were over-the-top, irrational, nonsensical and idiotic, and yet I had a lot of fun reading about them. Go freaking figure!

Honestly, Sadie drove me a bit nuts, but then again, everyone but Andrus drove me nuts, so I guess it's okay.

I really enjoyed Andrus. I wanted to know even more about him than what was revealed in this story. I got bits of his history and I wonder if there's another book out there that reveals more. Maybe I need to find the story of Helena and Niccolo to figure things out.

With a hilarious HFN ending, this story was wacky, funny, overdramatic, and a real good time. I was thoroughly entertained!


Find Chapter One here

About the Author

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.

Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.

She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

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Review // Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

February 17, 2022

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

"You got scared," he charged, the words he'd wanted to throw at her for too long firing out. "I got too close, didn't I? And you had to fcking run."
Monica didn't flinch. Her eyes didn't waver. She just stared back at him. Cold. Like ice.
But he knew how she burned.

────── ♔ ──────

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

Standalone - Deadly #1
Release - July 17, 2010
Genre - Romantic Thriller
Primarily Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 4 out of 5 / a few scenes
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 403 pages
Publisher - Forever

FBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers. But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sadistic has taken its toll: She's walled herself off from the world. Yet Monica can't ignore fellow agent Luke Dante, the only man who ever broke through her defenses.

Luke has the unique ability to put victims at ease...professionally, he and Monica made a perfect team. Now they're reunited to catch a murderer who uses his victims' deepest, darkest fears for sport - but their investigative skills aren't enough. Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past, the ones that terrify them the most, if they are to have a future together.



My Two Cents

4.25 "Let the games begin" stars

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet because this book is best enjoyed when going in blind.

Monica is hard to love, but you have to love her. She gets in the killer's head, she gets the job done, and she handles herself like a pro. Except when it came to Luke. With him, she seemed to lose all control. And I happened to love the dynamic between these two. Luke was the go-to protector kind of guy. Alpha without being over the top. And Monica was the kind of woman who could take care of herself. Seriously.

So when a serial killer they're hunting seems to always be one step ahead, who better to have on the case then the best of the best? And trust me, Luke and Monica were incredible together, in and out of bed!

I really enjoyed how the author let us into the killer's head. It added a touch more terror than I would have gotten from the protagonists alone. There is so much involved in this story and I loved getting the chance to figure out all of the little bits.

I'm looking forward to continuing the series!

About the Author

Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes sexy tales of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over one hundred novels and novellas.

Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast. She loves romance novels, horror movies, and chocolate. Her favorite hobbies including hiking in the mountains (searching for waterfalls) and spelunking.

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Review // You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

Part of what pushed her every day in this job was her need to answer that impossible-to-fathom question. Who would do that, and more importantly, why would anybody cause such pain and destruction?

────── ♔ ──────

You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

Standalone - Laurel Snow #1
Release - January 25, 2022
Genre - Thriller
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 3 out of 5 / it surprised and delighted me that the author included this
Format/Source - eARC provided by the publisher
Length - 400 pages
Publisher - Zebra Books

Laurel Snow wouldn’t call hunting a serial killer a vacation, but with a pile of dead bodies unearthed near her Genesis Valley, WA, hometown, she’ll take what she can get. Yet something about this case stirs her in unexpected ways. Like the startling connection she feels to Dr. Abigail Caine, a fiercely intelligent witness with a disturbing knack for making Laurel feel like she has something on her. Then there’s Laurel’s attraction to Huck Rivers, the fish and wildlife officer guiding her to the crime scene—and into the wilderness…

A former soldier and a trained sniper, Huck’s thirst for blood is rivaled only by his fierce pursuit of Laurel. He’s been burned by love, wounded by the government, and betrayed before, and to say he has trust issues is the ultimate understatement. Plus, he might be closer to this killer than anybody knows…

Once in the heart of darkness with Huck, Laurel must negotiate her distracting desire for him, her complex rapport with Abigail—and her mission to find a serial killer among a growing list of suspects and a danger that’s far too close to home. So close in fact, Laurel fears she will never find her way back to the woman she once was…

My Two Cents

4.25 "I'm really excited about this series" stars

Laurel has just finished a case when she gets the call — a serial killer is hunting in her hometown and her uncle is a suspect. So of course she hurries home to find out what's going on and possibly solve the case. With little resources, she relies heavily on Huck and his 'team' and some new friends. And through their investigation, one name keeps popping up... Dr. Abigail Caine. Is she friend? Is she foe? And is she their best lead to catch the killer?

I really enjoyed the way this story twisted and turned. It was thrilling and scary and horrifying, but there were also elements of friendship, camaradie, humor, and warmth. I loved seeing Laurel's connection with her family. Her mom gave me such joy. And don't even get me started on what was happening between Laurel and Huck. Gimme more of that please!

The killer gave me chills, not gonna lie and I can always count on Zanetti to keep me guessing. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series!

About the Author

Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over forty romantic suspense, dark paranormals, and contemporary romances, and her books have appeared multiple times on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own Alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat…and a huge extended family. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off…and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out. Upcoming series are: The Blood Brothers, The Realm Enforcers and The Scorpius Syndrome.

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