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Stalk·ers Anthology

February 16, 2021

Stalkers Anthology

Stalkers Anthology

Stalkers by Various Authors

Over thirty of your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors have come together to create an epic collection of forbidden, dark romance stories.

Get lost in this unputdownable mixture of short stories. From heroes to bad guys, there’s something for everyone.


A person who stalks: a person who pursues someone obsessively.

Stalkers is a taboo romance collection jam-packed with captivating stories.

Authors Included:

Abigail Davies · Yolanda Olson · Ally Vance · Jessica Ames · N. Isabelle Blanco · D.S. Wrights · Faith Ryan · Sam Destiny · S. Firecox · Cole Denton · Ker Dukey · Petra J. Knox · Kara Dawson · Brianna Hale · Alice La Roux · Emery LeeAnn · Raven Amor · Claire C. Riley · Shannon Youngblood · Kat T.Masen · Logan Fox · Cassia Brightmore · Leaona Luxx · A.K. MacBride · Ryleigh Sloan · Erin Trejo · C. Firecox · Michelle Pace · M.A. Foster · Cora Kenborn · Catherine Wiltcher


This collection was full of all kinds of darkness. From heroes to anti-heroes, from 'romantic' stalkers to full-fledged run-for-your-freaking-life stalkers, it literally had it all. Some were winners, some not so much. I have to say that quite a few new-to-me authors surprised the heck out of me and I will DEFINITELY be giving them a second look in the future. All in all, if you like your romance on the dark side, then come take a walk with this anthology!

Okay... so here's where I break down what I thought of each story...

Infatuation by Jessica Ames (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

Fury is sick and he knows it. There's just something about sliding his knife into someone that really speaks to him. He doesn't like to be touched and he finds it hard to fight the impulse to hurt people. Then Amalia enters his life and what he feels for her is something he's never felt before. It's not love, it's obsession. While I didn't really get the chance to know these characters in this short, I'm interested enough to find out more about them in Fury's upcoming book.

Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo — 3 stars

Devious is the president of his MC. Harley is the daughter of the president of a rival club. Whatever they want to happen, can't happen. Or can it? After stalking each other, they both know that nothing that grows between them can go anywhere, but when her life is in danger, how far will Devious go to claim his girl? This ended up being entertaining and I only wish it could have been longer. I have no idea who these characters are, but I would like to.

Always Second Best by S. Firecox (new-to-me author) — 3.5 stars

Camilla married the wrong brother. Warren and Kaiden were twins and couldn't be more different. While Warren would brutalize her, Kaiden would be the one to make her flourish. Unfortunately, Warren was older and, in their dystopian society, he was the one to get the marriage contract. But Kaiden isn't content to watch from the sidelines and this story takes on a life of its own. I really enjoyed this story and I was thrilled to see that it will be a full-length story in the future. I will keeping my eye out for it :)

I Can See You by D.S. Wrights (new-to-me author) — 2.5 stars

This story actually had a lot of potential. Kate was a woman who was often ignored and unwanted. At least she felt that way. When the opportunity comes to get noticed, she's the one doing the noticing. She's inexplicably drawn to Hiroshi Tanaka and starts stalking him. Or is she? Who's really doing the stalking around here? The game these two played was a lot of confusing fun and I think this would have been a winning story if it had the chance to be fleshed out more.

Ensnared by Ryleigh Sloan (new-to-me author) — DNF

Raine was a hot mess of epic proportions and for the most part, she was allowed to be. For what she had lived through as a young girl, she had every right to be messed up. However, it all proved to be too much for me to wrap my brain around and I wasn't willing to suffer through it.

Karolina by Yolanda Olson (new-to-me author) — DNF

Nope. No. Not gonna. This story wasn't written in a way that I would want to read it. Which sucks because the premise seemed interesting.

Take You by Brianna Hale — 3.5 stars

I'm still trying to figure out why I thought this story was hilarious! The author keeps you guessing as to who is taunting her heroine, Alaina. Someone is obsessed with her and is scaring her out of her wits. She ends up turning to the one man who always makes her feel safe - Rhys. Now a homicide detective, he's just the man to catch a stalker and get the girl. Definitely worth the read.

Veil by M.A. Foster — DNF

It starts out with the hero being blown away at his first sight of the heroine. Cannon wants Makayla, but she's already got a man. This wouldn't be a problem for me if the author didn't then go ahead and give us a descriptive sexual scene between Makayla and her man. And then what? Cannon is supposed to... what? I'll pass.

Daisy Chains by Petra J. Knox (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

Historical tone, hippies, flower children, free love and cults. This story was a mixed bag and I quite enjoyed it. After serving in the Vietnam War, Sonny decides to honor a dying soldiers wish that he watch out for his daughter. And watch her he does. Across the country into some questionable situations. It all works out, but wow!

Venor by Emery LeeAnn (new-to-me author) — 2 stars

I really liked the concept of this story. It is not a romance. It's about a killer, a hunter, a depraved human being. There are no happy endings, but yet I still enjoyed it for the most part.

Needs by Cole Denton (new-to-me author) — 2 stars

Well, this story didn't turn out as I expected. Or did it? Again, not a romance. At. All. Riley is emulating his hero and has built up an obsession. I mean, seriously obsessed here. And by the end, things turn upside down and sideways and I think I'd be more interested in what happens next than what I just read.

Claimed by C. Firecox (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

Another story that was all sorts of messed up. I'm just figuring out that this author is linked to the one above, S. Firecox because the world their characters live in is the same. While the earlier book covered the Elite Brides program, this one covers the Elite Maidens. What happens when Hawk, the best tracker for the Elite, falls for one of his intended targets? Women are being kidnapped left and right, forced into sexual servitude, left broken. Ouch! The author did a great job of bringing this depravity to life.

For His Eyes Only by Abigail Davies (new-to-me author) — 2 stars

While this story had some potential - an MMA champion obsessed with the poor girl working at the burger joint - it fell flat for me. I think it had more to do with the length, stunting the story's growth, than the writing itself. The writing was actually good!

Monomaniac by Faith Ryan (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

Tate is looking for love. A true romantic, he keeps putting himself out there, hoping to find the one. However, he's also got a stalker who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty if it means one less guy to worry about. Lucky for Tate, he's got a best friend in Corvin, a man who would protect him with everything he's got. A man who is desperately in love with him. With a shocking twist, this M/M story was a delight to read!

Blossom in the Dark by Ally Vance (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

This was a non-romance that left chills down my spine. The more I read from Zach (a real sicko), the more I was captivated. I have no idea where this story is going, but as it serves as a prequel to something new, I'm sure I'll find out. Bravo to the author for giving me the creeps!

Dearly Departed by Michelle Pace (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

I've gotta say, I wasn't expecting that ending. I thought it was all about Murray getting his groove on funeral-style. I'm glad I was surprised. And I enjoyed the way the author did it!

Sinful Addiction by Kara Dawson (new-to-me author) — DNF

It led me to believe that it was a forbidden student-teacher romance. But I was in the guys head for way too long as he repeated himself over and over again about how what he felt was wrong and he needs to stop. Five pages of that and him pointing out the many ways he noticed things about 'her' and I was done.

I Got You by Sam Destiny (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

I really shouldn't find this story hilarious, considering it's about a girl being stalked and violated, but I couldn't help it. It was funny! Okay, so Maddie has a best friend, Dim, who she's in love with. He's coming home on leave (military), staying with her, and she's ready to take the leap. Luckily he catches her because he's in love with her too. But there's this intense stalker situation that needs to be dealt with. I'm still laughing!

Peek-a-boo by Shannon Youngblood (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

This story was so gross it was ridiculous. It had me laughing so freaking hard! Annie is insane. Seriously. She got murderously mad when she thought her best friend, Leon, had turned on her. She ended up killing her parents because they just didn't understand her and she killed Leon by lighting her house on fire with him tied up in it. And then the story got strange. I mean, really strange. So strange that I had to pause and ask myself 'Are you still gonna keep reading this?' Which I did. So maybe I'm a bit strange. There is something so twisted when the girl getting screwed by her victim's chopped off leg (which she chopped off) is the most mundane of all the craziness.

Playing with Fyre by Logan Fox (new-to-me author) — DNF

I'm always down for a forbidden love story, and at first, I was intrigued by what was developing between Charlotte and Gideon. But then I wasn't. I couldn't stand being in either of their heads for a minute longer. Repetitive and droning... Nope.

Limerence by Alice La Roux (new-to-me author) — 2.5 stars

This story was a bit basic, but still entertaining. Rebecca/Ruby is a cam girl. She gets off for a live audience. Carter is the camera guy. There are sparks between them, but he keeps fighting it. When he finally gave in, the story had a neat little (bloody) twist, which I liked.

What He Doesn't Know by Kat T. Masen — DNF

I was disappointed with this story. I've read and enjoyed this author before, but this didn't live up to my expectations. Dominic is stuck in a marriage of convenience and is obsessed with his mistress. When he decides he wants more with his girl on the side, she quits and finds a new man who becomes her husband. That doesn't stop Dominic's obsession or the pointless tripe that was his internal monologue. Yawn!

Born Sinner by Cora Kenborn & Catherine Wiltcher (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

Sam and Lola were two kids caught up in the middle of cartel war. They were playing at grown ups, but were in over their head. That didn't stop them from making whatever mistakes were necessary to be together. This story was super short so things happened quickly and then it was done. It was sorta cute. It also serves as a prequel to something so I might dive back in for more.

Sacrilege by N. Isabelle Blanco (an old favorite) — 4 stars

I won't even lie, this story was one of two reasons why I even wanted to read this anthology. There is just something about Blanco's writing that grabs me by the guts and I enjoy myself every time. This read was no exception. I couldn't help feeling sorry for Father Logan and his impossible dilemma. Here he is, a man of God, being tempted in the worst way. What sane man could resist Thali? I'm still unsure what happened (because so much happened - all of it good), but I know that I need more!! Seriously, you need to read this author's Ryze series.

Make Me Yours by Claire C. Riley — DNF

I couldn't get into this one. I've decided (after a couple of tries of her other work) that this author's writing might be for a lot of people, but it isn't for me. And that's okay.

Prey by Raven Amor (new-to-me author) — DNF

I couldn't get into this one either. Which sucked because it did seem to have a good premise.

Right Side of Wrong by A.K. Macbride (new-to-me author) — 3 stars

This one had a decent revenge plot and I think if it had a bit more length, it would have made for a solid story. Santiago lost his sister to a man with no scruples. Bent on revenge, he decided the best way to hurt this man would be to take his sister from him too. He didn't count on the connection he would feel with Becca, but his thirst for revenge couldn't be forgotten. It would just have to come by other means instead. I liked the writing and would probably read from this author again.

Deviant by Cassia Brightmore (new-to-me author) — DNF

I simply couldn't get into this story. Try as a might, I struggled to make it through the first chapter.

Scent by Ker Dukey (an old favorite) — 4 stars

Dukey gives the darkness with her unique flair and I am hungry for more. Lola was a survivor of extreme horror and Detective Nick Adams is the man who helps her dispel all of her demons. Their bond is unorthodox and hot and everything a lover of depravity would enjoy!

Die, My Love anthology // Review

November 20, 2020

Die, My Love anthology
Step into our web of lies, betrayal and murder. One tale twists into another in this macabre collection of horror. This is not a love story.

Die, My Love anthology

Authors include: Zoe Blake, Addison Cain, Stevie J. Cole, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, Jane Henry, Julia Sykes, and Celia Aaron
Release: February 4, 2019
Genre: Dark Horror
Heat level: all explicit
Format/Source: Amazon ebook purchase
Length: 135 pages

Soon you will learn your only salvation is with me.
I am the only one who will protect and cherish you.
I am the only one who knows everything about you….
every movement, every breath, every thought…I own.

You are mine.

Be careful to obey me, my love.
For my protection will become possession.
My fascination an obsession.
Love will bleed into hate at the slightest hint of betrayal.

You are mine.
You will learn your only salvation is with me…or pay the ultimate price.

Step into our web of lies, betrayal and murder. One tale twists into another in this macabre collection of horror. This is not a love story. This is what happens when love decays into mania.

The Perfect Wife by Zoe Blake
The Connoisseur by Addison Cain
Becoming by Celia Aaron
My Bloody Valentine by SJ Cole
Fool for Love by Julia Sykes
Chilling Seduction by Jane Henry
All Wrapped Up in a Bow by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
This was a super quick and super fun read! It was pure madness and I loved it. From one story to the next, I was busting around one dark corner only to be immersed in shadows. There was so much darkness, depravity, and disease. Well, disease of the mind anyway. I enjoyed the way that each story bled into the other, linking characters and creating drama in a seamless and yet chaotic fashion.

There's a wife who slowly (quickly) loses her mind, the disgusting doctor who wasn't interested in helping anyone but himself, the seemingly prince charming who was a necrophiliac in disguise, and the people who orchestrated it all. Death and destruction... that's what this collection is about and I think anyone who likes a bit of horror/weirdness in their lives should give it a go.

Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology

November 14, 2020

Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology by Various Authors

Get ready to go for a thrill ride with 20 dangerous bad boys who live on the wrong side of the law!

This anthology of never before released stories about bikers, gangsters, and vigilantes features 20 of your favorite bestselling authors!

Included in the anthology:

Lane Hart, NYT bestselling author - Dalton: ATF Agent Bradley never suspected that the pretty, charismatic bastard was actually an unrepentant thief, born to be an outlaw.

Angela Snyder, NYT bestselling author - Devious: When the moment comes to take my revenge on Victoria's father, will I be able to pull the trigger if it means losing her forever?

Sybil Bartel, USAT bestselling author - Hard Limit: I didn't survive growing up in the nation's most violent cult only to be taken out by an innocent blonde.

Rachel Lyn Adams - Mac (Desert Sinners MC #1): The moment she walked into the clubhouse I knew she was off-limits. That wasn't going to stop me from making her mine.

Kiss Me in the Dark Anthology: A Taste of Dark Romance

July 05, 2020

Kiss Me in the Dark compiles a selection of deliciously dark chapters from bestselling romance authors with additional, never-before-seen content. We’re hoping to introduce new readers to our world and also give our loyal readers a chance to get lost in the stories they love with these bonus scenes. It’s only a taste, just three chapters each…but it’s enough for you to get addicted and want more.

It includes:
Monica James—Bad Saint; bonus content is the first chapter of the upcoming release The Devil’s Crown—All the Pretty Things Trilogy spin-off.
Aleatha Romig—Unconventional; bonus content is the prologue, an outside prospective on this stalker romance.
Amo Jones—In Fury Lies Mischief; bonus content: Eli’s Transition.
Callie Hart—Deviant; bonus content is a brand-new short story featuring Zeth and some of the original Blood and Roses crew.
Cora Reilly—Luca Vitiello; bonus content is the prologue and first chapter of the upcoming standalone Fragile Longing—an age-gap arranged marriage romance.
Giana Darling––Enthralled; bonus content is a new chapter from hero Alexander Davenport’s POV.
K Webster—This is War, Baby; bonus content is a new thrilling “training” chapter in the villainous Gabe’s POV with Baylee.
Lili St. Germain—Vicious Prince; bonus content is the first chapters of the upcoming release Vengeful Queen—Book two in the Violent Kingdom Trilogy.
S.M. Soto—Deception and Chaos; bonus content is a never-before-seen chapter written from Creed’s POV.
Parker S. Huntington—Devious Lies; bonus content is a never-before-seen email from Nash to Emery.
Willow Winters—A Kiss to Tell; bonus content is a never-before-seen chapter.

So come, sit, and enjoy a taste of the darkness…you just may like it.

This anthology was hatched because dark romances and their creators have a stigma associated with them. Yes, we like coloring outside of the lines, and no, we don’t write your run-of-the-mill stories, but that shouldn’t devalue our art. Nor should it be grounds for it to be censored.


December 12, 2019

Twelve bestselling authors have come together to brighten your holiday with six ALL NEW co-written novels. Travel through six cities and fall in love with these enchanting love stories.


Christmas in the City
L.J. Shen & Helena Hunting
Just The Tip
It’s not every day you meet a stranger who knows how to jingle your bells…

Corinne Michaels & Melanie Harlow
Baby it’s Cold Outside
My Christmas list did not include a broken heart, freezing temperatures, or my tree stuck in the door to my apartment building, but that’s what I got. Just when I thought Santa had failed me, I got something I never thought to ask for …

Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
Kissmas in New York
It was just supposed to be a simple kiss with a stranger. I'd done it to prove a point--that I hadn't lost my sense of adventure. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. Maybe I'd get something in my stocking after all this holiday season...

Sierra Simone & Kennedy Ryan
The Christmas Crown
Noelani, queen of Manaroa, has one mission on her diplomatic visit to the States: forge strategic alliances for her homeland. When she meets brooding security specialist Brock Grimsby, their unexpected alliance heats up the holiday. One night. No promises, but come Christmas, will either be able to walk away?

Review: O Come, All Ye Sinners Anthology

December 10, 2018

O Come All Ye Sinners
Limited edition Christmas anthology!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, Amo Jones gave to me…
One hellraising reckoning,
Two loved ones dying
And a broken girl hanging from a tree…

On the 4th day of Christmas, Anne Malcom gave to me...
One prison riot
Two bullets flying
Three mangled corpses
And a psychopath running free...

On the 5th day of Christmas, MariaLisa DeMora gave to me…
One plea for mercy
Two bodies writhing
Three clues to find her
Four reasons to love him
And a man determined to get his life back...


January 29, 2018

1001 Dark Nights Bundle Fourteen
Five Dark Tales. Five Sensual Stories. Five Page Turners.

Rock Chick Reawakening: A Rock Chick Novella by Kristen Ashley
A prequel to Kristen's Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloan-one of Denver's most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground's most feared crime bosses-into finally making his move to win the heart of the woman who stole his.

Adoring Ink: A Montgomery Ink Novella by Carrie Ann Ryan
Holly Rose fell in love with a Montgomery, but left him when he couldn't love her back. She might have been the one to break the ties and ensure her ex's happy ending, but now Holly's afraid she's missed out on more than a chance at forever. Brody Deacon loves ink, women, fast cars, and living life like there's no tomorrow. The thing is, he doesn't know if he has a tomorrow at all. When he sees Holly, he's not only intrigued, he also hears the warnings of danger in his head. She's too sweet, too innocent. But when Holly asks him to help her grab the bull by the horns, he can't help but go all in.

Sweet Rivalry by K. Bromberg
Ryder Rodgers had a plan. He was going to stride into the conference room and win the biggest contract of his career. But when he walked in and heard the voice of one of his competitors, all his plans were shot to hell. Harper Denton was always on top. In college. First in their class. Always using every advantage to edge him out to win the coveted positions. The only one who could beat him. His academic rival. More like a constant thorn in his side. The fact that she's gorgeous and bright won't distract him. This time, Ryder's determined to be the one on top. But not if Harper can help it.

Shade's Lady: A Reapers MC Novella by Joanna Wylde
Looking back, none of this would've happened if I hadn't dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could've walked away from him if I'd had it with me. Or maybe not. Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would've found another way. Probably-if there's one thing I've learned, it's that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me. Right from the first.

Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury
What happens when in order to win, you're forced to lose? The only daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, Raven Morretti grew up an outsider. Liberated from the neglectful home of her prostitute mother, she finds solace as a mechanic. With few friends, she's content with the simple life. Flying under the radar is all she knows and more than she expects. Until she catches the eye of local celebrity, UFL playboy, Jonah Slade. Jonah trades in his bad-boy reputation and puts his heart on the line. But when her father contacts her, setting in motion the ugly truth of her destiny, Jonah must choose.

Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.


December 18, 2017

1001 Dark Nights Bundle Thirteen
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Rebecca Zanetti, Shayla Black, Lauren Blakely, Liliana Hart, and introducing Molly E. Lee.
Five Dark Tales. Five Sensual Stories. Five Page Turners.

TRICKED: A Dark Protectors Novella by Rebecca Zanetti
Ronni Alexander had it all before a poison attacked her heart and gave her a death sentence. Now she has an opportunity to live if she mates a vampire. One night of sex and a good bite, and she’d live forever. Jared Reese agrees to help out his new sister in law by saving her friend’s life with a quick tussle in bed. But after one night with Ronni, he wants more.

DIRTY WICKED: A Wicked Lovers Novella by Shayla Black
After being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Nick Navarro has nothing but revenge on his mind—until a woman from his past returns to beg for his help. Sasha Porter has been hunted by his enemies. Desperate, she offers him anything to keep her young daughter safe, even agreeing to become his mistress. The last thing either of them want are emotional entanglements but as they entrap the ruthless politician who arranged Nick’s downfall, passion sizzles between them.

THE ONLY ONE: A One Love Novella by Lauren Blakely
Let’s say there was this guy. And he gave you the most mind-blowing night of sex in your life. And you never saw him again. Until ten years later. Now, it turns out he’s the ONLY ONE in all of Manhattan whose restaurant is available for my charity’s event. The trouble is, he doesn’t recognize me.
* * * *
This woman I’m working with is so damn alluring. The first time I set eyes on her, I’m captivated and I can’t get her out of my mind. Even if it’s risky to tango with someone I’m working with, she’s a risk I’m willing to take. The trouble is, she won’t give me the time of day. But I’m determined to change that.

SWEET SURRENDER: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Liliana Hart
It’s been twelve years since Liza Carmichael stepped foot in Surrender, but after her great aunt’s death she has no choice but to return and settle her estate. After twenty-five years on the job, Lieutenant Grant Boone finds himself at loose ends now that he’s retired. The only thing Boone knows is that his future plans don’t include Liza Carmichael. She’s bossy, temperamental, and the confections she bakes are sweet enough to tempt a saint. Thank God he’s never pretended to be one.

EDGE OF CHAOS by Molly Lee
Three years into her Meteorology degree, Blake meets professional storm chaser, Dash Lexington, who is as gorgeous as he is daring. Instantly recognizing her passion and skills in analyzing weather data, he makes a spot for her on his tight-knit storm chasing team. Dash and Blake form a fast friendship and she can’t deny the lightning-worthy chemistry she has with Dash.

Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.

ARC Review: TEAM PLAYER Anthology

December 15, 2017

Hot jocks. We love them all.
Sexy baseball players. Intense footballers. Sweaty MMA fighters, and sizzling hockey hotties. Score!
The good news? Eleven bestselling authors have gathered to give you a set of stories focused on the men we love most—sports heroes. We bet you’ll love this thick … book.
The bad news? The men in these novellas don’t actually exist.
Enjoy this naughty Christmas treat!*
*This anthology does not contain calories, just eleven original, never-before-seen stories by the following authors: Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, LJ Shen, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Ella Fox, Kate Stewart, Emma Scott, and Sara Ney. We aren’t responsible for melted devices.

One-click today!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 "I need this in paperback" stars!!

I read through this entire anthology and LOVED it!! But I’m here to review End Zone by LJ Shen and that’s what I’m gonna do. This author is one of the few that can create a-holes that you can’t help but fall in love with and I am thoroughly in love with Sage. He was the star quarterback, cocky as heck, and a manwhore. Nuff said.

Sage and Jolie have been best friends for 10 years. She saw a broken boy and gave her heart to heal him. Cherishing him from afar and yet so close, she’s accepted that they aren’t destined to be if they want to keep their forever friendship.But Sage has got other plans. He’s finally figured out that the only person he wants is her and there’s nothing she can do to stop him from having her.

I desperately wished that this was a full-length story. Sage and Jolie quickly won my heart. Their love was young, passionate, and their connection was combustible. The little glimpse we got was beautiful and I longed for more.

We’re one entity. Whole and broken. Happy and sad. Lost and so unbelievably found.

There was humor, drama and love. Oh and incredibly hot sex. What more can you ask for?

Review: Drawn to Him: A Romance Collection

September 19, 2017

Drawn to Him
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release - September 19, 2017
Length - 595 pages

There are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind. They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look. You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that.

Handsome, confident and all for you.

DRAWN TO HIM is a collection of eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas you can't resist, complete with HEAs. They have all the book feels and angst you've been wanting.

Review: Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings

July 17, 2017

Glamour anthology
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release - July 18, 2017
Genre: A range from Contemporary, RomCom, Erotica and Dark Romance
Length - 484 pages

Once upon a time...

Remember the fairy tales your parents read to you when you were little?

These are NOT those fairy tales.

From modern day royalty to metaphorical dragons, contemporary castles to sexy heroes, these bestselling authors twist tales as old as time into something new.

GLAMOUR contains eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas that each have an HEA... because they all lived happily ever after.

Includes the following retellings...

KNOT by Lili St. Germain (A Rapunzel story)

RED HOT PURSUIT by A.L. Jackson (A Little Red Riding Hood story)

RIPPLES by Aleatha Romig (A Prince and the Pauper story)

IN A STRANGER'S BED by Sophie Jordan (A Goldilocks story)

BEDTIME STORY by Skye Warren (A Sleeping Beauty story)

ROYAL MATTRESS by Nicola Rendell (A Princess and the Pea story)

MUSIC BOX GIRL by Sierra Simone (A Twelve Dancing Princesses story)

BROKEN HARP by Nora Flite (A Jack and the Beanstalk story)

Review: Daddy: The Complete Daddy Collection

June 15, 2017

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These mini-stories had so much potential. Each and every one of them. Hot sex, alpha males, and a lot of burgeoning relationships. I'll admit, there was one story in particular that turned me off. Way off. But overall, I like daddy stories so there was something to enjoy here. Looking for an escape? These novellas may be just the ticket.

Release Date: June 13, 2017
Book Type: Anthology

Review: Taken: The Complete Alpha Male Collection

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These mini-stories had so much potential. Each and every one of them. Hot sex, alpha males, and a lot of burgeoning relationships. Looking for an escape? These novellas may be just the ticket.

Release Date: June 6, 2017
Book Type: Anthology

Review: Seduced: The Complete Billionaire Collection

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These mini-stories had so much potential. Each and every one of them. Hot sex, alpha males, and a lot of burgeoning relationships. Looking for an escape? These novellas may be just the ticket.

Release Date: May 23, 2017
Book Type: Anthology

Review: Broken: The Complete Bad Boy Collection

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These mini-stories had so much potential. Each and every one of them. Hot sex, alpha males, some hidden pregnancies, and a lot of burgeoning relationships. Looking for an escape? These novellas may be just the ticket.

Release Date: May 30
Book Type: Anthology

Review: 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Nine

January 31, 2017

1001 Dark Nights Bundle Nine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release - January 31, 2017
Genre - Romance Anthology
Length - 1238 pages

Six Dark Tales. Six Sensual Stories. Six Page Turners.

Hidden Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan
Hailey Monroe knows the world isn’t always fair, but she’s picked herself up from the ashes before. Sloane Gordon lived through the worst kinds of hell yet the temptation next door sends him to another level. He’s kept his distance but when she comes to him with a proposition, he’ll do everything in his power to protect her.

Blood on the Bayou by Heather Graham
When a family friend receives a message from the Blood Bayou killer—It's your turn to pay, blood on the bayou—he comes to Danni Cafferty for help. Cafferty and Quinn soon realize that a gruesome local history is being repeated. They find themselves in a fight to save not just a friend, but, perhaps, their very own lives.

Searching for Mine by Jennifer Probst
Connor Dunkle knows what he wants in a woman, and it’s the three B’s. Beauty. Body. Boobs. Other women need not apply. Ella Blake is a single mom and a professor at the local Verily college. When sparks fly, neither of them are ready to face their true feelings, but will love teach them the ultimate lesson of all?

Review: Alphas & Fairytales: A New Year's Eve Anthology

January 06, 2017

Alphas & Fairytales Anthology
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release: December 19, 2016
Length: 231 pages

One badass fight, one black tie party... One crazy New Year's Eve in Vegas

16 ALL NEW stories of love, lust, and redemption from your favorite bestselling authors...

ROCKIN' THE SUITE - Rhonda James
THE MAIN EVENT - Sapphire Knight
DUET - Anne Mercier
DICED - Ginger Scott
BLINK - Molly McLain
TAKING GREER - Winter Travers
A SHOWER FOR...THREE? - Allie Juliette Mousseau

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Review: Because Beards anthology

January 04, 2017

Because Beards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release: October 14, 2016
Length: 622 pages

Be it a little scruff or a full length beard, there’s nothing more attractive than a man with a well-groomed face. Masculine. Powerful. Sexy. Devoted. Lose yourself in this tantalizing collection of original short stories by your favorite romance authors in support of a great cause. Hipster CEO, bartender, best friend, baseball player—just to name a few—these men all have one thing in common: they’re bearded for your pleasure and deliver one hell of a happy ever after.

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Movember Foundation, an organization that supports charities in the research and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer as well as other men’s health initiatives.

Written by Alexis Alvarez, Faith Andrews, M. Andrews, Jeannine Colette, Hayley Faiman, Angelita Gill, Ace Gray, Ruthie Henrick, Scott Hildreth, Evie Lauren, Jerica MacMillan, R.C. Martin, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Leslie McAdam, Maria Monroe, Adrienne Perry, J. Quist, Renee Rose, Kacey Shea, Martha Sweeney, and Tom Sweeney.