ARC Review: ONE MORE NIGHT by Jenika Snow

May 16, 2018

One More Night by Jenika Snow
When my sister passed away I adopted her daughter, Dolly, and raised her as my own. We were all we had left in this world and I was going to try my hardest to make sure she never wanted for anything.

That’s why I needed someone I trusted to watch over the most important person in my life. Being a businessman meant I was out of the house a good portion of the day, a necessary evil to provide for Dolly. A live-in nanny would ensure Dolly got the best care possible when I wasn’t with her.

And when I saw Emma for the first time I didn’t just see a caretaker for Dolly. I saw a woman who had every caveman instinct in me rising up like a primal beast. I felt possession and need for Emma the likes of which I’d never experienced before.
I didn’t just want a nanny anymore, I wanted Emma … all of her.

She might think this was just another job, but before our time was up Emma would realize she was mine and I wasn't letting her go.

Warning: Guys, this book is going to give you whiplash for how insta-crazy it is. Talk about a hero who can’t keep his hands off his woman! This may look like a sugary sweet read—and it is—but make no mistake: it’s filthy as hell. We have one alpha hero who instantly falls for the heroine and won’t let her go. Maybe a little obsessive, but hey, that’s what we like.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacob is a successful businessman who has been raising his niece all on his own with the help of babysitters. Now he's tired of having so many people in and out of their lives and is looking for a live-in nanny. Along comes the perfect candidate - Emma. She's gotten a couple of temporary placements, but what she's looking for is something a bit more permanent. In truth, she's looking for a family... of her very own. And the picture perfect setting that Jacob and his niece create are irresistible.

Instalust. Instalove. It was a short story with a lot of heart. One part alpha and one part honey with the cutest little girl to sweeten the pot. If you like your stories quick and a little dirty, you'll definitely enjoy this one!

Release: 05.17.2018 | Contemporary - Daddy Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 3.5 | Standalone

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