Review // Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

July 10, 2021

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

It's funny how a year can change your world. And it's amazing how a single breath can take a life, give a life, and sometimes... save a life.
She is my breath of life.

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

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Release - September 25, 2019
Genre - Contemporary Romance / single dad
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 3 out of 5
Format/Source - Kindle purchase
Length - 418 pages
Publisher - Indie

Dr. Elijah Hawkins needs … something.

After his wife jumps headfirst into a midlife crisis, he’s left with his young son, Roman, and a lot of unanswered questions.

That something turns out to be a someone—Dorothy Mayhem, nursing student, patient transporter, reckless driver, and emu owner.

Dorothy studies humans, the neurotypical kind, through books and television. Then she emulates their behavioral patterns to fit in with her peers.

But nothing can prepare her for Dr. Elijah Hawkins.

Single dad.
Brilliant pediatric oncologist.
And the sexiest doctor at the hospital.

When his failed attempts at asking her out turn into a string of playdates with his son, Dorothy finds herself unexpectedly enamored with the boy and his father.

And that’s a problem, a huge one, because Elijah’s ex-wife is a famous plastic surgeon—and Dorothy’s idol.

Perfectly Adequate was a story about love. I know that makes it sound simple, but the complexities of this story made what the characters were feeling more profound.

Newly divorced, Dr. Elijah Hawkins was trying to figure out his new normal. Then along came Dorothy Mayhem, a woman who couldn't be more different from his ex if she tried. She made him feel young again, feel joy again. She made him smile and made everything okay.

Dorothy put Roman above everyone else. And in doing so, she made me love her in a way that rips the air from my lungs, shackles my heart, and claims my soul.

And honestly, for the most part, this story was perfectly lovely.

I loved every moment spent with little Roman and his Dorfee. They were so cute together. I also enjoyed every time that Dorothy misread a situation or responded in a way that I didn't expect.

What I didn't like? The times when I couldn't decide who Eli loved more... his ex who he was desperate to have back... or Dorothy. I also couldn't stand how much everyone compromised and accommodated Dorothy without her even attempting to do the same. I'm pretty sure she wasn't able to, but that fact didn't make her any less frustrating.

She offers enough emotional reassurance to make any desperate man jump off the side of a tall building.

Jewel E. Ann sure knows how to write! I think I highlighted practically 40% of this book because I was swooning over so many words. I fell in love with these characters... hard ... and I'm a fan of how things ended on such a mature note.

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

“You can call me Eli.”
She swallows hard. “I don’t actually think I can.”
“Why not?” I force my gaze away from her mouth.
The second our eyes meet, she averts her attention to her feet. “Because you’re half of the Hathaway-Hawkins duo.”
This is a new one to me. “I’m divorced.”
“I know. I …” She makes an attempt to look at me, but her attention shifts to my temple then maybe my ear. “I mean you’re a brilliant doctor, and Dr. Hathaway is too—so brilliant. God, she’s just phenomenal. Like there are no words. But still … you change the lives of young children. You save them. You’re what every young person entering the medical field can only dream of becoming. You’ve earned the title. I can’t call you by your name. It’s too personal. I don’t know … almost intimate.”
She has Julie on a really high pedestal. Me? Down a few pegs. Sounds about right for my life at the moment. It’s not that Julie doesn’t deserve to be on the pedestal. No matter how much I hate her, I still love her. And her skills as a pediatric plastic surgeon are unmatched. She deserves Dorothy’s admiration.
But I don’t want to talk about medicine, accolades, and saving lives. I know … I know … how terrible of me. Sorry, but I need something for myself. Something personal and maybe a little selfish.
Definitely intimate.
“I don’t need a babysitter for Roman.”
She jerks her head back, giving me her full attention, eyes squinted, gaze locked to mine. “What?”
I trap my top lip between my teeth, drowning in coconuts as my heart races, sending ample blood to all regions of my body. God … I just want—need—to kiss her.
“Oh jeez …” She shakes her head, closing her eyes for a breath. “You invited me to dinner to … flirt.” Her eyes open to their widest point.
A tiny laugh escapes me. I can’t help it. Everything about this woman feels like a rebirth. “I invited you to dinner because Roman really likes you. And I just can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for him. You’re so generous.”
Gah! I suck at this!
What is my problem? Yes. The answer is yes! Yes, Dorothy, I invited you over to flirt, maybe even kiss. And other things …
“Oh.” She takes a step backward, stumbling a bit as the front door catches her, and more embarrassment tints her cheeks. “Well, now I feel stupid. Yes, of course you invited me here because Roman likes me. Duh. Now I just look like an idiot for assuming you wanted to flirt with me. And really, no need to thank me. My generosity is selfish. It makes me feel good to do nice things. That’s all. And really, you’ve bought me coffee and made me dinner again. It’s like I should be thanking you again. But that’s probably weird. So … I’ll just go now.”
Really, really weird shit goes through my mind as she fidgets. Dr. Hawkins is nowhere to be found. Neither is Roman’s dad. Raging-puberty-hormones Eli Hawkins invades my head—both of them really. And I just want to kiss Dorothy. That’s the PG version of my thoughts. Most of them are R-rated. Worse than the R-rating. All I can think about are the ways Dorothy and I can be generous with each other, leading to never-ending thank-you’s that don’t involve stationary, replacement scrubs, superhero capes, pasta dinners, lunch boxes … or clothing.
“Should we call it even? No more thank-you’s,” I suggest.
“Okay.” She lifts her gaze, eyes going a little cross-eyed like her focus is centered on the bridge of my nose.
“Okay.” I release a slow breath, but it does very little to relax all of my body. “Can I ask your age?” I’m not sure why I’ve been so chicken about asking her age. I think it worries me that she’s too young, and I’ll feel like a dirty old man having really inappropriate thoughts about her.
“I’m thirty. Why?”
“You just look young.”
“I wear massive amounts of sunscreen.”
I nod slowly.
Just kiss her, you big chicken!
What if she doesn’t want to be kissed by me? Or flirt with me? I internally laugh at the memory of her comment and at myself for being just as awkward. Why does something so simple have to be so complicated?
“I have a forty-five-minute drive home.”
And school the next day. Where is my head?
Oh, that’s right …
“Of course. I’m sorry. I lost track of time.”
“Okay.” She smiles.
I love her okay’s. They feel like more than the average okay.
“I’ll walk you out.”
“Have you not closed all of your rings?” She holds up her wrist, signaling to her watch.
I chuckle. “All rings were closed hours ago.”
“We could track each other. Share our rings. Did you know that?”
Rings. Kisses. Trips to the on-call room for sex.
For the love of God … get your shit together, Elijah!

“Never mind. That’s weird.” She shakes her head, rolling her eyes at herself just before opening the door and scurrying ten steps ahead of me. Her pace gains momentum with the hill of my driveway. My long strides catch up to her at the bottom of it. She looks both ways and bolts across the street to her car, clicks the locks, and opens her door.
“Dorothy Mayhem … you’re killing me.”
She turns just before ducking into the driver’s seat.
“What do you mean?”
Resting my hands on my hips, I drop my chin in defeat and stare at my untied gray canvas shoes. “What if I did ask you to dinner tonight to … flirt?” I glance up, digging my teeth into my bottom lip on a slight cringe.
Her body remains stoic as her eyes shift from side to side, like she’s been caught on a hidden camera. “Well … then I wore the wrong outfit.” She refuses to look me in the eye.
“I think you look amazing.”
“Yes. But this is a playdate outfit. Maybe even one I’d wear to apply for a babysitter position. It’s fun, but wholesome. Practical and safe.”
I just want to spend one day in her head. Everything about her fascinates the hell out of me. The curiosity gives me such a high.
“Tell me about your flirting outfit.”
“Well …” She clears her throat, keeping her focus on the big hill leading out of my development. And of course … her cheeks are perfectly flushed as she talks to the wind. “Since Romeo was involved, I would have chosen my red dress with white stripes. It hits just below my knees, but it’s strapless. And I would have worn my blue cardigan with it and matching blue wedge sandals with straps that tie around my ankles. Flirty … but appropriate for young eyes.”
“And if Roman wouldn’t have been here tonight?” I stare at the side of her head, wondering if she’ll look at me again before driving home.
She narrows her eyes. “I would have taken off the cardigan after you invited me into your house.”
The picture she paints in my head does all kinds of wicked things to me. Why imagining her in a striped strapless dress has such a physical effect on me is a mystery. It’s not like she suggested showing up wearing nothing but high heels and a trench coat. Dorothy Mayhem possesses her own brand of seduction, and I’m completely entangled in every part of it.
“And in this scenario, would you have kissed me after I walked you to your car?”
She turns completely red. I feel certain even her toes hidden in those blue shoes have to be red. “You’re making fun of me.”
Her comment knocks me back a good ten steps, even if my body remains right next to her. Why would she say that?

Jewel is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today best selling author a with a quirky sense of humor. When she's not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge-watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind-bending romance.

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Review // Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa

July 09, 2021

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa review image

"My happiness doesn't depend on you, but I'm happier when you are around me," he continues. "You are what makes my days brighter. I live for your voice, your laughter, and your smiles.

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa book cover

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Standalone - Against All Odds #1
Release - June 11, 2020
Genre - Contemporary Romance / enemies-to-lovers
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - THERE WAS NO SEX!
Format/Source - Kindle purchase
Length - 276 pages
Publisher - Indie

Sex talk is my job. I’m an influencer. I run a popular blog where I give all kinds of dating tips, and girls all over the world thank me for helping them with their love lives.

I wish I could follow my own advice because my love life is totally dead. I just drunk texted my ex-boyfriend… except, I didn’t. That text ended up going to someone else.


This new relationship is almost picture-perfect, just like my online life. I guess I give good… text.
He doesn’t have to put up with my colorful personality — as my hot next-door neighbor describes me. Or my messy schedule.
This long-distance relationship is the best thing that’s happened to me and I plan to keep it that way.

Until we agree to meet up, and I’m freaking out.
When he meets the real me, will he hate me forever?
Or will we be one day telling our grandkids about that wrong text, right love?

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa teaser banner

It all started with a drunken text... to the wrong number.

Persephone was a successful, yet broke, lifestyle and sex influencer. Her entire 'image' was based on the premise that we control and create our own happiness.

Ford was a successful, yet reclusive, programmer/inventor/entrepreneur? Due to his parents' acrimonious divorce, he grew up to have a very jaded perspective of love and relationships.

Together, these two were like oil and water. She believes in happily ever afters and soulmates. He believes in limited connections, small circles of trust, and reality. Yet, the more they're around each other, the more they're able to relate. The more time spent together, the more they start to be in sync. Suddenly, the wacky and colorful girl next door with unreasonable ideas about love is the most appealing person Ford has ever seen. And since Persy has been attracted to him from the moment she saw him, them being together should be a no-brainer.

But Persy's seriously falling for drunken text guy. The guy she's able to be herself with. The guy who seems to really see her. Who should she choose?

My only real issue with this story, why it didn't get five stars from me (because it was a really great story), is because Persy sometimes rubbed me the wrong way. She preached way too much for my liking. What works for you is all well and good, but please don't push your ideology onto someone else. Don't say that people are perfect the way they are, that we shouldn't try to change each other, while steady trying to change people. Hypocrites don't get my vote.

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa teaser
Joy: Are we allowed to see other people?

Lang: Yes, but not to date-text other people. We are texting—steadily.

Joy: I’ve never gone steady via text. This is… I mean, we just met, and how do I know we are the right fit?

Lang: Well, you can always wait for something better. Maybe it is right around the corner. Just know, if the occasion arises … I’ll make sure it fits.

Joy: No dirty texts. I’m watching you.

Lang: You walked right into it, Baby.

Joy: Ugh… Maybe we are not right for each other. But what if I spend my whole life waiting?

Lang: I hope you don’t change your mind. We could be great together. I could promise that no one will text you the way I do.

Joy: Fine. I’d rather give this a shot than live the rest of my life textless.

Lang: I like you, Joy. You are refreshing.

Joy: It’s a gift—and I like you too.

Lang: How was your week?

Joy: It was long. There’s a lot of stuff going on in my mind, and when that happens, I spend a long time working.

Lang: What do you like to do when you aren’t busy?

Joy: Hmm, let see. I like to read. Sometimes, I read a classic book in several different languages—that takes me about a year. It’s interesting to see how some translations are almost perfect, while others are not as close to the original version.

Joy: How about you? What do you like to do on your free days?

Lang: Wow, I got myself a smart texter. Maybe we’ll be in a relationship where we can talk a very dirty version of Jane Austen’s classics.

Joy: :wink: :flustered face:

Joy: Don’t ignore my question, what do you do with your free time?

Lang: I’m always busy. Like you, sometimes I get engrossed with work, and I spend hours if not days testing, changing… I have a confession. I’m a workaholic. But that’s enough about work. Where are you?

Joy: I’m at the Botanical Garden.

Lang: Which one?

Joy: Downtown. It was between that or the zoo. What about you?

Lang: I’m at Garden of the Gods. Just finished climbing.

Joy: I never thought about going there to climb. We usually hike there and then go to Manitou Springs shopping. I should tell my brother. He’s the only one who would go with me.

Lang: What are your favorite things?

Joy: Precipitation. I know it’s so random, but I love to watch the rain and the snow fall. The scent of flowers. Except the Titan Flower.

Lang: Which one is that?

Joy: It’s the one that smells like a rotting corpse. My parents took us to see one in bloom. They only last about 24 hours open. 48, if you are lucky.

Lang: Why would you want to see and smell a flower that reeks and doesn’t last for too long?

Joy: It’s an experience. I guess that’s another one of my favorite things: to experience the world. What about you?

Lang: Favorite things … figuring out how things work. I used to take apart electronics to see what each component looked like and what it did. Then, I’d put it back together. Sometimes, I would combine appliances. My father didn’t love it.

Joy: You recreated Frankenstein’s monster out of kitchen appliances?

Lang: It was entertaining, but never worked out.

Lang: And I wasn’t going for Frankenstein. More like a waffle-blender machine, or a toaster-mixer gadget. I built my first computer at thirteen.

Joy: Most children would be proud of joyriding at that age—after borrowing their parent’s car without permission. Apparently, you weren’t most children.

Lang: That’s what my father used to say. It drove him insane. That doesn’t mean I didn’t steal his bike, or his car, or the boat. We were a lot younger than thirteen. I hung out with my brother—a lot. He followed the school of Evel Knievel.

Claudia is an award winning, USA Today bestselling author.

She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her youngest two children. She has a sweet Bichon, Macey, who thinks she’s the ruler of the house—she’s only partially right. Hanna, the cuddliest and cutest Havanese/Maltese, is the one who rules them all.

When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge watch shows with his equally geeky husband.

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Review // Right to My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale

July 07, 2021

Right to My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale

“You’re mine and I’m yours. We’ll make our lives good together. We’ll have babies. We’ll buy a house. We’ll grow old together until we can’t see the other’s faults. We’ll be together forever. And then, when we’re done on this earth, we’ll leave it together, because I deserve happy, and so do you." - Sterling

Right to My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale

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Standalone - The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #8
Release - February 3, 2016
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person / Sterling "Kraken" Waters & Ruthann Comalsky
Heat Level - 4 out of 5
Format/Source - Kindle purchase
Length - 294 pages
Publisher - Indie


Sterling and Ruthie have more things in common than they realize, even though from the outside it doesn’t seem like they do.


Sterling is a decorated war hero.

Ruthie is an ex-con.

Their two worlds should’ve never collided, but fate has a way of turning life in the direction least expected. Now Ruthie has to try to come to terms with the fact that she’s in love with a biker who’s also a decorated Navy SEAL. One who leaves for months at a time with little to no advance warning, taking her heart with him each time he goes.


Sterling has a lot of things to overcome in order to have Ruthie, the biggest being her mind.

She doesn’t think she’s good enough.

He thinks she’s perfect.

Now it’s up to him to show her just how right he can be.

First off... Lani Lynn Vale needs to stop killing off the characters I want to get to know!!

Sterling - navy SEAL, amateur baseball player, member of The Dixie Wardens, general grump and all-around nice guy (when he wants to be).

Ruthie - spent time as an abused wife, mother to a murdered child, convict for killing her husband. I respected the heck out of this woman!

Both characters knew what it was like to be abandoned and found it hard to trust. But for some reason, they were able to come to rely on each other, adding one more person to their small circle of worthy people. It started with friendship and bloomed into something romantic and beautiful. Nightmares and chilling suspense aside, what they shared was so sweet and sexy. Their shared darkness and search for the light created something truly magical.

My Notes

There was something either brewing or had already brewed between Tomasina and Garrison and I'm wondering if that will be developed.

I did have one wee problem with this story...

There was a scene in which Sterling had a girl all over him. I mean, this girl was hanging on him, stroking him, right in front of Ruthann. He ignored Ruthie, spent the night who knows where because when she had enough of watching him with another woman, she left him with the other woman, and no questions were really asked. This occurred after they had consummated their relationship the night before. He was never held accountable nor did he have to answer as to WTF was going on. Why would the author allow this to happen? Why would you want us to pretend like it didn't happen (or something)? Why include the scene at all when it had nothing to do with pushing the story forward (or you weren't going to deal with it)?


Sterling & Ruthie's family tree (Sterling's mother is married to Ruthann's father):

    Their children
        Cormac (son)

    Sterling's family
        Cormac Austin (foster-brother) (RIP)
        Garrison (foster-brother)
        Tomasina Daniels (foster-sister)
        Dylan Spiers (half-brother)
        Dalia Spiers (half-sister)

    Ruthann's Family
        Dylan Spiers (half-brother)
        Dalia Spiers (half-sister)

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Counter to My Intelligence by Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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Review // Counter to My Intelligence by Lani Lynn Vale

July 06, 2021

If a man says he will fix it.. he will. There's no need to remind him every six months.

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Standalone - The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #7
Release - January 6, 2016
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person / Silas Mackenzie & Sawyer Ann Berry
Heat Level - 4 out of 5
Format/Source - Kindle gift
Length - 345 pages
Publisher - Indie

Sometimes the heart wants what it can’t have.

That’s the motto Silas Mackenzie, the president of The Dixie Wardens MC, has lived by since he was a young man.

Now he’s well on the way to middle age, has three grown children and he’s lusting after a woman he should definitely stay away from.

Especially not one that his ex-girlfriend had given birth to, and happens to be only twenty-nine years old.

Sawyer isn’t a young girl at heart, though.

She’s seen the inside of a jail cell for eight long years, and every one of them was spent paying for a crime she didn’t commit.

Silas Mackenzie knows as soon as he sees her that the she has sacrificed enough.
And maybe…just maybe…so has he.

It’s time for Silas Mackenzie to get what he deserves, and, in the process, put a little bit of happy back into Sawyer’s world, one rough, bearded kiss at a time.

Okay, so this was one of the books I was looking forward to the most. It's Silas, y'all!! There were so many moving parts and people to this story that I find myself craving more.

What developed between Silas and Sawyer was quick and easy. I liked that she seemed so well-suited for him. I think at this point in his life, he needed what she had to offer. And while my heart broke for everything Sawyer had to live through, such as eight years in prison for a crime she didn't commit, suffering atrocities at the hands of prison guards, the bullying of the townspeople, I was happy that she had someone like Silas and his people at her back.

So what else did I find in this book?
⭐ I got my first real glimpse of Lynn (you can find him in Repeat Offender). In this book he's known as Black Jack and although I learned quite a bit about him in his own book, seeing him in this light was quite the experience. I wonder if he'll pop up again in these original stories.
⭐ knowing that Silas (and Lynn) are CIA and actually seeing it in action are two different things
⭐ Silas shaved off his braided beard (although he does sound super hot without it)
⭐ Sterling, the Navy SEAL who has popped up now and then, makes an appearance and I think his book is next. There was a definite spark between him and Ruthie (Sawyer's bestie/cell mate)
⭐ Silas visiting Tunnel's grave... heartbreaking. He carries so many burdens as it is and it hurt to see how much losing Torren had effected him

You want a story full of heart, drama and intrigue? Read this book!

My Notes

I'm not gonna lie... the idea of the relationship between Silas and Sawyer gave me a bit of an icky vibe. It started with him seeing her mom and although he made it clear for us (the readers) that he never slept with her, the intention was there and kissing was mentioned. That's just gross and honestly... I don't even know why it was there. Adding that level of intimacy wasn't necessary. Silas and Sawyer's mother never had to be anything more than friends and it would have served this story just as well. That's just my humble opinion.

Silas & Sawyer's family tree:

    Their children
        Samuel Cash Mackenzie (Silas' son) - Boomtown
        Sebastian Sue Mackenzie (Silas' son) - Lights to My Siren
        Shiloh June Mackenzie (Silas' daughter) - Texas Tornado
        Amelia Rose Mackenzie (their daughter) - Any Day Now

    Sawyer's family
        Dallas Berry (brother)
        Cole Berry (brother)
        Brody Berry (brother)
        Johnson Berry (brother)

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Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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Review // Imperfect by Ari Reavis

July 05, 2021

Imperfect by Ari Reavis

"I've never been in love," I whisper.
"Me neither, but I can't wait to see how it feels."
"With me?"
"With you. Only with you."

Imperfect by Ari Reavis

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Release - July 5, 2021
Genre - Contemporary Romance/instant connection/interracial
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 4 out of 5
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 263 pages
Publisher - Indie

When a guy saves you from a horrible blind date, you don’t expect to end up dating him.

Mariah’s confusion over why a man is pretending to know her quickly fades once she realizes the handsome stranger winking at her is trying to save her. If she leaves with him, what might this night turn into?

Damir knows he can’t watch the beautiful woman across the restaurant cringe one more time without stepping in to help her. He promises he would take her on a much better date than the one she just left, but will she give him the chance to prove it?

He's got a past that corrupt people refuse to allow him to forget. She's come too far to get wrapped back up in the hardships she's escaped.

Can such an imperfect beginning turn into exactly what they both need?

Damir and Mariah were perfectly imperfect together. His past consisted of many mistakes and missteps, but his loving and supportive parents helped to steer him onto the right path. Now he's a successful contractor, giving back to the community.

Abuse and neglect haunted Mariah's past and it was with the love of her big brother that she was able to love and thrive.

On one seriously terrible first date, Damir comes to Mariah's rescue and his white knight behavior doesn't stop there. They quickly fall in love, discovering they both want the fugture the other envisions.

One major problem: the cops who harass Damir and won't allow him to move on from his past.

I enjoyed many elements of this story, such as...
* the easy chemistry between the characters
* how simple and sweet the secondary characters were
* the way the author illustrated the harassment Damir suffered

While I didn't find this book to be as suspenseful as it purported to be, I did find it entertaining so recommending it comes easy.

Ari Reavis is a wife and mother of five. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she enjoys staying in, devouring books and watching movies. Her kids are running around, her husband is trying to show her martial arts moves, and she's trying to write. Her day in a nutshell.

Find more about Ari and her books on her site:

Review // Charge to My Line by Lani Lynn Vale

July 02, 2021

Charge to My Line by Lani Lynn Vale

Truckies don’t need to know how to handle a hose. They let their women take care of their hoses at home.

Charge to My Line by Lani Lynn Vale

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Standalone - The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #6
Release - April 2, 2015
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person / Grayson "Torren" Trammel & Tru Doherty
Heat Level - 4 out of 5
Format/Source - Kindle gift
Length - 282 pages
Publisher - Indie

You’re the Charge…

Bad Boy. Screw-up. Good for nothing. Hero. Angel. These were all words Grayson ‘Torren’ Trammel had heard whispered behind his back over his lifetime. What he hadn't heard was ‘quitter,’ and he’d be damned if some little rehab chick, with her beautiful blonde hair, and hot, sassy little mouth was going to label him as such.

To My…

Tru knows Grayson’s not for her. He’s too bad. Too hot. Too demanding. Too taken.

She tells herself that almost daily as she helps Grayson get back into fighting shape after a horrific accident nearly ripped his life away from him. That had taken the life of one of the men in his MC.

Grayson is everything her father warned her about, but there’s just something about him that intrigues her. That makes her want more.

The man's a firefighter. How bad could he be?


Apparently, he could be way worse than bad, but he could also be so very, very good. Something Tru realizes, rather quickly, when the two can no longer fight the pull that’s between them.

Now there’s only one word she wants to hear when it comes to him: his.

I found the relationship that grew between Tru and Grayson to be sincere, organic and wonderful! She got him in a way that no one else had and it was beautiful. Thankfully, with Tru in the picture, Cleo's horrible little sister, Molly, didn't stand a chance!

In the last book (Life to My Flight), Torren risked his life to rescue Rue from a fire. He damaged his shoulder in the process and in order to get back to work he needed physical therapy. Tru was the woman to get him back on track and she gave her all to give him the power to be the hero he needed to be. Which was awesome because it allowed him to put down all threats to his woman.

Things got a little horrific towards the end, but overall, this was a sweet and funny romance with plenty of heat.

My Notes

I loved getting that first glimpse of the love brewing between Reese (Tru's sister) and Luke Roberts. I'm looking forward to their story in Center Mass!

I'm a little confused with the story of Torren and his half-brothers. Ross seems to be the only decent one (I hope he gets a story) and I wish everything got fleshed out a bit more.

Watching Ashe and Ford playing/fighting together as kids made their connection so much sweeter, knowing that they end up together when they grow up :)

    Torren/Grayson & Tru's family tree:

        Their children
            Ashe (daughter) - Maybe Swearing Will Help
            Spencer (son)
            Coal (son)

        Grayson's family
            Ross Bradley (half-brother)
            Colby Prescott (half-brother)
            Bobby Prescott (half-brother)

        Tru's family
            Reese (sister) - Center Mass

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