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Review // The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi

January 31, 2024

The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi

“We've got hope, a flimsy plan, and a great deal of explosives. We've gotten by on less."

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The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi

The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi

Rating -
Part of a series - The Gilded Wolves #3
Release - September 21, 2021
Genre - Young Adult Fantasy
POV - Multiple 3rd person
Heat - kisses and allusions to more
Source - library ebook
Length - 383 pages

After Séverin's seeming betrayal, the crew is fractured. Armed with only a handful of hints, Enrique, Laila, Hypnos and Zofia must find their way through the snarled, haunted waterways of Venice, Italy to locate Séverin.

Meanwhile, Séverin must balance the deranged whims of the Patriarch of the Fallen House and discover the location of a temple beneath a plague island where the Divine Lyre can be played and all that he desires will come to pass.

With only ten days until Laila expires, the crew will face plague pits and deadly masquerades, unearthly songs and the shining steps of a temple whose powers might offer divinity itself...but at a price they may not be willing to pay.

The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi
^^^ lovely fanart (although I think Séverin should have more melanin in his skin tone, considering his mother spoke to him, as a child, in Arabic)

The Previous Books in the Trilogy:

Picking up where The Silvered Serpents left off, this book concluded a trilogy full of fun, hope, madness, friendship, and love. I'm going to miss these characters (some more than most) so much!

Everything centered around the lyre, Séverin's determination to play it, Ruslan's plans for godhood, the teams hope of healing Laila, and all of the chaos in between.

Séverin — still my favourite. He had just seemingly betrayed his friends and his greatest wish was that they would see beyond his machinations. That they would still view him as a loved one, remain on his side, and together they'd be able to achieve their shared goals. His thoughts, feelings and actions virtually permeated the pages of this book, even when it wasn't his perspective taking centre stage.

Laila — her days were numbered and I was still trying to summon some sort of sympathy. I found none. I didn't like the way she treated or thought about Séverin for 99% of this book. However, I did enjoy what she represented... she was part human and part forged and their goal would play a huge part in her future. Her cultural references were much appreciated as well.

Enrique — our scholarly historian had bouts of doubt and indecision, but I loved how it was all depicted. From his anger and intolerance to Séverin, his confusion about his place in the world and in the group, and even his elusive aspirations for an unknown future, all of it made this character so appealing. Good thing I liked him so much already.

Zofia — mechanical engineer genius extraordinaire, who was trying to be a light in the dark. She was worried about so many things and I loved how she fit with the group.

Hypnos — absolutely ridiculous and a real gem. He had many moments of trying to bring our characters together and he was the first (and only one) to not lose faith in Séverin. I love him in all of his absurdity.

Ruslan definitely got what he deserved and what a disgusting person(?) he was. The ending wasn't the greatest, considering the buildup. I expected more, especially when it came to actual details, but I'm content with where this story left me.

Roshani Chokshi is the author of commercial and critically acclaimed books for middle grade and young adult readers that transport audiences to fantastical worlds heavily inspired by world mythology and folklore. Her work has been nominated for the Locus and Nebula awards, and has frequently appeared on Best of The Year lists from Barnes and Noble, Buzzfeed and more. Her New York Times bestselling series includes The Star-Touched Queen duology, The Gilded Wolves, and Aru Shah and The End of Time, which was recently optioned for film by Paramount Pictures.

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The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi

June 23, 2020

They are each other’s fiercest love, greatest danger, and only hope.

-- Synopsis --

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Séverin and his team members might have successfully thwarted the Fallen House, but victory came at a terrible cost ― one that still haunts all of them. Desperate to make amends, Séverin pursues a dangerous lead to find a long lost artifact rumored to grant its possessor the power of God.

Their hunt lures them far from Paris, and into icy heart of Russia where crystalline ice animals stalk forgotten mansions, broken goddesses carry deadly secrets, and a string of unsolved murders makes the crew question whether an ancient myth is a myth after all.

As hidden secrets come to the light and the ghosts of the past catch up to them, the crew will discover new dimensions of themselves. But what they find out may lead them down paths they never imagined.

A tale of love and betrayal as the crew risks their lives for one last job.

THE GILDED WOLVES by Roshani Chokshi

November 14, 2019

THE GILDED WOLVES by Roshani Chokshi

"The heart will break, but broken live on."
- Lord Byron

No one believes in them. But soon no one will forget them.

It's 1889. The city is on the cusp of industry and power, and the Exposition Universelle has breathed new life into the streets and dredged up ancient secrets. Here, no one keeps tabs on dark truths better than treasure-hunter and wealthy hotelier Séverin Montagnet-Alarie. When the elite, ever-powerful Order of Babel coerces him to help them on a mission, Séverin is offered a treasure that he never imagined: his true inheritance.

To hunt down the ancient artifact the Order seeks, Séverin calls upon a band of unlikely experts: An engineer with a debt to pay. A historian banished from his home. A dancer with a sinister past. And a brother in arms if not blood.

Together, they will join Séverin as he explores the dark, glittering heart of Paris. What they find might change the course of history--but only if they can stay alive.